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All abstracts by Anneleen Foubert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Insights into the REE Characteristics and Formation Conditions of Southeastern Mediterranean Seep Carbonates
Weidlich R, Bialik OM, Pettke T, Rüggeberg A, Grobéty B, Vennemann T, Makovsky Y & Foubert A

(2022) Fluid Mixing and Spatial Mineralogical and Geochemical Variability in the LCHF Chimneys
Aquino KA, Früh-Green GL, Rickli J, Foubert A, Bernasconi SM & Lang S

(2017) Foraminiferal Multi-Species Stable Isotope Plots for Paleo-Water Mass Reconstruction: Examples from the Gulf of Cadiz and Alboran Sea
Rueggeberg A, Stalder C, Spangenberg JE, Van Rooij D, Foubert A & Spezzaferri S

(2017) Carbonate Matrix Formation Resulting from Nitrogen Remineralization and Enzyme Activity
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Foubert A, Jaramillo D, Löscher CR, Böhm F, Gorb S, Eisenhauer A & Treude T

(2017) A Novel 4D-View on Lake Sediments
Morlock MA, Vogel H, Hadi J, Foubert A, Ariztegui D, Melles M, Russell JM & Bijaksana S

(2017) Unraveling Fossil and Living Microbialite Formation in the Maquinchao Basin (Argentina)
Eymard I, Alvarez MDP, Bilmes A, Vasconcelos C, Foubert A & Ariztegui D

(2017) Rates and Controls on Early Diagenesis in Continental Spring Carbonates – A Lab Experimental Approach
De Boever E, Foubert A, Kanellopoulos C, Kele S & Jaramillo-Vogel D

(2016) In-Vitro Simulation of AOM Mediated Diagenesis in Cold-Water Coral Carbonate Mounds
Feenstra E, Heindel K, Birgel D, Krause S, Maeder U & Foubert A

(2016) Rhombohedra Shape of Dolomite Formation Mediated by Microbial Activity Under High Pressure
Zhang Y, Foubert A, Yan W, Muynck W, Hamaekers H, Bartlett D, Swennen R, Xiao X & Boon N

(2016) Controls on CaCO3 Precipitation and Diagenesis in Terrestrial Hot Springs
De Boever E & Foubert A

(2015) Understanding the Temporal and Spatial Variability of Early Diagenesis in Carbonate Mounds
Feenstra E, Wehrmann L, Jaramillo-Vogel D, Birgel D, Heindel K & Foubert A

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