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All abstracts by Donald Bruce Dingwell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Structural and Chemical Features of Experimentally-Generated Silicate Fulgurites
Çalışkanoğlu AZ, Camara A, Cimarelli C, Scheu B & Dingwell DB

(2022) Volatile Distributions in Recent Volcanic Products from Mayotte Active Volcanic Ridge Revealed by Simultaneous Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyses
Thivet S, Hess K-U, Dingwell DB, Di Muro A & Gurioli L

(2022) Textural and Geochemical Characterization of the 2018 Kilauea Eruption Fissure 17 Products
Soldati A, Cimarelli C, Kuppers U, Houghton B & Dingwell DB

(2020) Effects of Cooling on Fe-Ti Oxide Nanolites Crystallisation and Melt Polymerisation at Low Pressure and Oxidising Conditions
Cáceres F, Scheu B, Hess K-U, Cimarelli C, Vasseur J, Kaliwoda M & Dingwell DB

(2020) Rheological Characterization of the 2018 Kilauea LERZ Eruptive Sequence
Soldati A, Dingwell D, Houghton B & Walker B

(2020) Rheological Change and Degassing during a Trachytic Vulcanian Eruption at Kilian Volcano, Chaîne des Puys, France
Colombier M, Burgisser A, Cáceres F, Druitt T, Gurioli L, Hess K-U, Müller D, Shea T & Dingwell D

(2020) Vesiculation Kinetics of Variably Crystalline Rhyolites
Kolzenburg S, Berlo K & Dingwell DB

(2020) Experimental Determination of Thermal Stability of Metalorganic Compounds in Volcanic Olivines
Brau J, Matzka M, Scheu B, Hertkorn N, Schmitt-Kopplin P & Dingwell DB

(2019) Magma Hybridization Recorded in Banded Pumices from the 0.17 Ma El Abrigo Eruption, Tenerife: Preliminary Results
González-García D, Perugini D, Giordano D, Vasseur J, Martí J & Dingwell DB

(2019) How Powerful can Melt Inclusions be for the Study of Early Cretaceous LIPs?
Lucchetti ACF, De Campos C, Nardy AJR, Arienzo I, Kaliwoda M, Griesshaber E, Schmahl WW, Janasi VDA & Dingwell DB

(2019) Preferential Light Cd Isotope Condensation in 1 Bar Experiments
Zippmann V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell D-B & Wennrich V

(2015) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Condensation at Atmospheric Pressure
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2015) SO2 and HCl Uptake by Volcanic Glass in H2O-Bearing Pseudo-Eruptive Atmospheres
Ayris PM, Delmelle P, Cimarelli C, Suzuki Y & Dingwell DB

(2015) Water-Speciation in Silicate Glass from Partial Raman Spectra
Helo C, Castro J, Hess K-U & Dingwell D

(2014) Volcanic Eruptions: Geomaterials Under Physical and Chemical Stress
Dingwell DB

(2013) Fe K-Edge XANES of Synthetic and Natural Silicate Glasses: Composition and fO2 Dependent Structural Properties
Poe B, Romano C, Cibin G, Dingwell D, Hess K-U & Potuzak M

(2013) 57Fe Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Pantelleritic Melts
Borovkov N, Hess K-U, Fehr KT, Cimarelli C, Dingwell D & Günther A

(2013) Concentration Variance Decay during Magma Mixing: A Volcanic Chronometer to Measure Magma Ascent Velocity during Explosive Eruptions
Perugini D, De Campos C & Dingwell D

(2013) Fractionation of Cd Isotopes during Evaporation and Re-condensation
Kremser V, Wombacher F, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB & Münker C

(2013) The Space and Time Complexity of Chaotic Mixing of Silicate Melts: Implications for Igneous Petrology
Perugini D, De Campos C, Ertel-Ingrisch W & Dingwell D

(2012) The Transient Rheology of Crystallizing Magmas
Chevrel MO, de Biasi LJ, Hanson JB, Cimarelli C, Lavallee Y & Dingwell DB

(2012) Melt Rheology and Glass Formation
Dingwell D

(2012) Experimental Investigation of Mass-(in)dependent Cadmium Isotope Fractionation during Evaporation
Wombacher F, Kremser V, Ertel-Ingrisch W, Dingwell DB, Munker C & Heuser A

(2012) Multiple Glass Transitions in Natural Volcanics: A Demonstration of Shallow Magma Mixing during Strombolian Eruptions at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu
Lavallee Y, Kremers S, Hanson JB, Hess K-U, Chevrel MO, Wassermann J & Dingwell DB

(2012) Mixing of Contrasting Silicate Melts: Preliminary Raman Spectra
De Campos CP, Perugini D, Neuville D, Hess K-U, Ertel-Ingrisch W & Dingwell DB

(2012) Frictional Melting in Volcanoes
Kendrick J, Lavallee Y, Petrakova L, Di Toro G & Dingwell D

(2011) Volatiles and Viscosity
Dingwell DB

(2011) Europium Structural Role in Silicate Glasses
Cicconi MR, Giuli G, Paris E, Ingrisch-Ertel W, Dingwell DB, Ulmer P, Cicconi MR & Cicconi MR

(2007) Nanonuggets and their Implication for Core Formation
Ertel W & Dingwell DB

(2007) Kinetics of Liquid Immiscibility in the System K2O-Cao-FeO-Al2O3-SiO2
Veksler I, Dorfman A, Wirth R & Dingwell D

(2007) Time Series Diffusion Experiments with Alkaline Natural Melts
Teixidó F, De Campos C, Martí J & Dingwell D

(2007) An Experimental Study of the Origin of Reaction Textures in Mantle Xenoliths
Shaw C & Dingwell D

(2007) Comparative Study of Geospeedometry Methods
Richard D, von Aulock FW, Hess K-U & Dingwell DB

(2007) The Rheological Behavior of Samples from Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador
von Aulock FW, Lavallée Y, Richard D, Hess K-U & Dingwell DB

(2006) Unmixing of Ferrobasaltic Melts: Evidence from Centrifuge and Static Experiments
Veksler I, Borisov A, Dorfman A & Dingwell D

(2005) Element Partitioning between Ferrobasalt-Rhyolite Immiscible Liquids
Veksler I, Jakobsen JK, Dorfman A, Danyushevsky L, Dingwell DB & Lesher CE

(2004) Element Partitioning between Immiscible Melts and Geochemical Anomalies in Igneous Rocks
Veksler I, Dorfman A, Dulski P & Dingwell D

(2002) SIMS Study of 11B/10B in Immiscible Borosilicate Glasses
Gurenko A, Veksler I, Thomas R, Meixner A, Dorfman A & Dingwell D

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