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All abstracts by Donald J DePaolo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Temporal Evolution of Sr Isotopes in Island Arc Rocks
Bednarick A, Bucholz CE, Stolper D & DePaolo DJ

(2022) Diffusive Fractionation of Ca Isotopes in Mafic Injection Zones in Granite: Transport, Reaction, and Cooling Timescales at 1-Year Resolution
DePaolo DJ, Watkins JM & Christensen JN

(2021) Experimental Determination of Mg Removal Rates from Seawater-Like Fluids due to Reaction with Plagioclase and Clinopyroxene at 200℃ and 32.5 MPa
DePaolo DJ, Pester NJ, Sonnenthal EL & Christensen JN

(2017) Impacts of Heterogeneities on Fracture Alteration: Investigations Using a Reduced Dimension Reactive Transport Model
Deng H, Steefel C, Molins S & DePaolo D

(2017) The Influence of Diagenesis and Mineralogy on Ca Isotopes in Lower-Upper Triassic Carbonate Rocks
Lau K, Maher K, Brown S, Silva Tamayo JC, Jost A, Altiner D, DePaolo D, Eisenhauer A, Lehrmann D, Paytan A, Yu M & Payne J

(2017) Effects of Seawater Ca/SO4 and Mg on Sr Isotope Exchange in MOR Hydrothermal Systems
Antonelli M, DePaolo D, Pester N & Brown S

(2017) Systematic Variations in U Isotope Ratios of Sediments from Reactive Transport of U
Basu A, Brown S, Law G & DePaolo D

(2017) High-Temperature Calcium Isotope Fractionation: Theory vs. Nature
Antonelli MA, DePaolo DJ, Schauble EA, Grew ES, Chacko T & Rubatto D

(2017) Inorganic Uranium Isotope Fractionation is Dependent on Aqueous Speciation
Brown S, Basu A, Ding X, Christensen J & DePaolo D

(2017) Rates of Authigenic Carbonate Precipitation in Marine Sediments Using Ca and Sr: Implications for the Marine δ13C Record
Mitnick EH, Lammers LN & DePaolo DJ

(2015) Ca Isotope Fractionation and Crystal Growth Rates of Volcanic Phenocrysts
Antonelli MA & DePaolo DJ

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