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All abstracts by Daniel Ariztegui in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Sedimentary Features of a Modern Environment with Dolomite Formation
Areias de Oliveira C, Fernandes Barbosa C, Cruz AP, Vasconcelos C, Morlock M, Vogel H & Ariztegui D

(2019) Investigating the Potential of Intracellular Mineral Inclusions in Microalgae as a Novel Bioremediation Method for Radioactive 90Sr Water Pollution
Segovia Campos I, Martignier A, Jaquet J-M, Filella M, Barja F & Ariztegui D

(2018) Fe-Speciation by Sequential Extraction and Fe-Isotopes as Tracers of Processes Mobilizing Fe in Lacustrine Sediments
Ordoñez L, Bauer K, Ariztegui D, Crowe S, Vogel H, Chiaradia M, Morlock MA, Simister R, Melles M, Russell JM & Bijaksana S

(2017) A Novel 4D-View on Lake Sediments
Morlock MA, Vogel H, Hadi J, Foubert A, Ariztegui D, Melles M, Russell JM & Bijaksana S

(2017) A New Paleo-Thermometer for Evaporitic Halite: Brillouin Spectroscopy
Guillerm E, Caupin F, Gardien V & Ariztegui D

(2017) Unraveling Fossil and Living Microbialite Formation in the Maquinchao Basin (Argentina)
Eymard I, Alvarez MDP, Bilmes A, Vasconcelos C, Foubert A & Ariztegui D

(2017) Reconstructing the Geochemical Cycle of Fe in Lake Towuti (Indonesia)
Ordóñez L, Ariztegui D, Chiaradia M, Crowe S, Morlock MA, Bauer K, Simister R, Vogel H, Melles M, Russel J & Bijaksana S

(2017) Widespread Occurence of Unicellular Eukaryotes Forming Amorphous Carbonate Inclusions
Martignier A, Jaquet J-M, Filella M & Ariztegui D

(2016) Life Under the Ice: Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemical Cycling in the Seasonally-Covered Lake Onego, Russia
Lyautey E, Ariztegui D, Bouffard D, Dubois N, Frossard V, Tofield-Pasche N, Perga M-E & Thomas C

(2016) Life Influence on the Deep Dead Sea Sedimentary Archive: Insights from Fe-S Minerals and Organic Matter Recycling
Thomas C, Ebert Y, Kiro Y, Stein M & Ariztegui D

(2009) Carbonate Ooid Formation in a Modern Freshwater Lake: How Determinant is the Biological Role?
Ariztegui D & Plee K

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