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All abstracts by Aaron J Cavosie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Petrogenesis of a New Type of Subduction Zone Granitoid from the Samail Ophiolite
Angelo T, Spencer C, Cavosie AJ, Thomas R & Li H

(2022) Are Hadean & Archean Zircon δ18O Values Altered?
Valley JW, Cameron EM, Blum T, Cavosie AJ, Kitajima K & Bonamici C

(2022) Crustal Growth and Reworking in the Early Archean Narryer Terrane: New Evidence from Strontium Isotopes in Apatite Inclusions
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Cavosie AJ, Kirkland CL, Martin LAJ, Roberts MP, Aleshin M, Fougerouse D, Quadir Z & Nemchin AA

(2021) Isotopic Modelling of Archean Crustal Evolution from Comagmatic Zircon--Apatite Pairs
Gillespie J, Kinny P, Kirkland C, Martin L, Nemchin A, Cavosie AJ & Hasterok D

(2020) β-Cristobalite in Libyan Desert Glass
Cavosie AJ, Ricard WD, Evans N, Rankenburg K & Koeberl C

(2020) Use of EBSD to Identify Primary Magmatic Apatite Inclusions in Zircon
Gillespie J, Cavosie A, Nemchin A & Kinny P

(2019) Earth’s Oldset Preserved Impact Structure – Yarrabubba, Western Australia
Erickson T, Kirkland C, Timms N, Cavosie A & Davison T

(2019) Shocked Chicxulub Titanite Records New Twins and Impact Age
Timms N, Kirkland C, Cavosie A, Rae A, Pearce M, Erickson T, Wheeler J, Morgan J, Collins G, Ferrière L, Poelchau M, Wittmann A & Gulick S

(2019) Apatite Inclusions in Eoarchaean Zircon: Imaging and Analysis
Kinny P, Nemchin A, Martin L, Cavosie A, Jeon H, Kirkland C & Whitehouse M

(2019) NanoGordian Shocked Mineral Knots Untied with EBSD
Cavosie AJ

(2019) A Record of Basin-Forming Impact from Pb Clusters in Lunar Zircon
Blum T, Reinhard D, Coble M, Spicuzza M, Chen Y, Cavosie A, Nasdala L, Chanmuang C, Prosa T, Larson D & Valley J

(2016) Phase Transformations of Granular Zircon: To the Beyond, and Back
Cavosie AJ, Timms NE, Hagerty JJ & Horz F

(2016) Zircon Breaking Badd: Fingerprinting Impact Histories from ZrSiO4 and Zirconia Microstructures
Timms N, Cavosie A, Erickson T, Pearce M, Reddy S, Schmieder M, Tohver E, Zanetti M & Wittmann A

(2016) Sediment Melt and the Highest Recorded δ18O in sub-Moho Granitoids of the Oman-UAE Ophiolite
Spencer CJ, Raub TD, Cavosie AJ, Miller JD, Rollinson H & Jeon H

(2016) Detrital Jack Hills Zircon-Quartz δ18O Analysis Tests Alteration of Zircon and Zircon Inclusions
Cameron E, Valley J, Ortiz-Cordero D, Kitajima K & Cavosie A

(2016) Monazite as a Tectonic and Shock Deformation Chronometer – Linking EBSD and U-Pb Analyses
Erickson T, Timms N, Reddy S, Cavosie A, Pearce M, Kirkland C & Tohver E

(2015) Geochronology of ex situ Shocked Zircons: Towards Dating Impacts
Cavosie AJ, Reddy SM, Timms NE, Erickson TM & Pincus MR

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