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All abstracts by Marcel Ceccato in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Synthesis of Pure Nanocalcite with Targeted Sizes and Surface Areas
Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Belova D, Okhrimenko D, Ceccato M, Mounib I & Tobler DJ

(2019) Sulfidized Zero-Valent Iron for Trichloroethene Reduction: Insights on Sulfidation Treatment and Long-Term Performance
Mangayayam M, Dideriksen K, Ceccato M, Freeman H, Benning L & Tobler D

(2018) Fate and Role of Arsenic during Green Rust Formation via Reductive Dissolution of Ferrihydrite
Perez JPH, Tobler DJ, Freeman HM, Dideriksen K, Ceccato M & Benning LG

(2015) Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Calcite {10.4}: The Big Picture
Ataman E, Andersson M, Ceccato M, Bovet N & Stipp SLS

(2015) Adsorption of Quinoline on Berea Sandstone
Okhrimenko DV, Lakshtanov LZ, Ceccato M, Rodrigues-Blanco JD & Stipp SLS

(2015) Surfactant Induced Wettability Changes on Limestone Pore Surfaces
Segura Sugranes JJ, Ceccato M, Pedersen N, Hassenkam T & Stipp SLS

(2015) The Effect of Residual Organic Material on the Low Salinity Effect in Limestone
Pedersen NR, Hassenkam T, Ceccato M, Dalby KN & Stipp SLS

(2015) Mg Uptake and Wettability Alteration of Calcite Surfaces
Ceccato M, Generosi J, Andersson MP, Bovet N, Hassenkam T, Dideriksen K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Dalby KN & Stipp SLS

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