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All abstracts by Pierre Bouilhol in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Mafic Crust Recycling in Subduction Systems. Constraints from Numerical Models
Bouilhol P, Magni V, Riel N & van Hunen J

(2017) Post-Collisional Magmas: Isotopically Camouflaged Contributors to Crustal Growth
Couzinié S, Laurent O, Moyen J-F, Zeh A, Bouilhol P & Villaros A

(2017) The Early Stages of Slab Decarbonation
Debret B, Bouilhol P, Pons M-L & Williams H

(2017) Zn and Fe Isotopes in the Cerro del Almirez Ultramafic Massif (Spain): New Constraints on Serpentinite Breakdown during Subduction
Pons M-L, Debret B, Carlos G, Bouilhol P, Sánchez-Vizcaíno VL, Marchesi C, Hidas K & Williams H

(2017) Stable Iron Isotope Behaviour during Fluid Release from Subducted Slab Serpentinites
Inglis E, Bouilhol P, Debret B, Williams H & Burton K

(2016) Zinc Isotope Evidence for Sulphate-Rich Fluid Transfer Across Subduction Zones
Pons M-L, Debret B, Bouilhol P & Williams H

(2015) Feeding Arcs: Numerical Constraints on Mantle Melt Compositions
Bouilhol P, Magni V & van Hunen J

(2015) Deep Water Recylcing from Early Earth to Present-Day
Magni V, Bouilhol P & van Hunen J

(2008) Evolution of Arc-Magmas during their Transfer Through the Lower Crust
Bouilhol P, Burg J-P, Schmidt MW, Bodinier J-L, Dawood H & Hussain S

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