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All abstracts by Jon Blundy in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Sulfur Isotopes in Sulfides from Lesser Antilles Arc Cumulates
Pollock T, Cruz-Uribe A, Marschall H & Blundy J

(2018) Sulfide Geochemistry of Cumulates from the Lesser Antilles Arc
Pollock T, Cruz-Uribe A, Marschall H & Blundy J

(2018) Transcrustal Magmatic Systems
Blundy J, Jackson M & Melekhova E

(2018) Zircon-Hosted Melt Inclusions in Porphyry Systems
Butters D, Blundy J, Tattitch B, McCuaig C & Hawkesworth C

(2018) Numerical Simulation of Magma Chamber Degassing
Utkin I, Afanasyev A, Melnik O, Blundy J & Sparks S

(2018) Tracking Basalt Degassing Using Volatile Stable Isotope Fractionation
Hughes E, Blundy J, Brooker R, Imf E, Cartigny P, Botcharnikov R, Balzer R, Bindeman I, Kilgour G & Mader H

(2017) Tectonics, Climate, and Copper in the Central Andes: Insights from (U-Th)/He Hematite Geochronology
Cooper F, Adams B, Blundy J, Bunker E, Farley K, McKeon R & Ruggiero A

(2017) Geobarometers for Igneous Rocks with ±1.0 kbar Uncertainty?
Ziberna L, Green EC & Blundy JD

(2016) The Testimony of Zoned Crystals from Volcanic Rocks
Blundy J, Melnik O, Gorokhova N & Dohmen R

(2016) Magmatic Cu-Mo Partitioning: Influence of ∑Cl, ƒO2, and ƒS2
Tattitch B & Blundy J

(2016) Tracing the “Slab Component” in Arc Lavas Using Ce/Mo
Skora S, Freymuth H, Blundy J, Elliott T & Guillong M

(2016) The Effect of Pressure on S Speciation and Implications for PCD Formation
Matjuschkin V, Blundy J & Brooker R

(2016) Buoyancy-Driven Volcanism on the Bolivian Altiplano
Blundy J, Gottsmann J & Annen C

(2016) Magma Accumulation and Differentiation in a Mushy Magma Chamber: Insights from Numerical Modelling
Jackson M, Solano J, Blundy J & Sparks S

(2015) Plutonic Xenoliths from the Lesser Antilles: A Window into the Plumbing Systems of Volcanic Arcs
Cooper G, Davidson J & Blundy J

(2015) Slow and Steady Drop of the Atacama Water Table from ~15 Ma Constrained by (U-Th)/He Dating of Hematite
Cooper F, Blundy J, Farley K, Mckeon R & Ruggiero A

(2015) Cumulate Thermobarometry
Ziberna L, Green ECR, Schumacher J & Blundy JD

(2015) Evolution and Differentiation of Sulphur in Sub Arc Environment
Matjuschkin V, Blundy J, Brooker R & Tattitch B

(2014) A Predictive Thermodynamic Model for Plagioclase-Melt Partitioning
Dohmen R & Blundy J

(2014) Geochemical and Petrological Characterization of Corbetti Caldera (Main Ethiopian Rift): Insights into Continental Rift Zone Magmatism
Fusillo R, Blundy J & Brooker R

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