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All abstracts by Gregory F. de Souza in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Interpreting the Oceanic Silicon Stable Isotope Distribution: Insights from Ocean GCMs
de Souza G, Slater R, Dunne J, Hain M, Brzezinski M & Sarmiento J

(2015) The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycle of Zinc and its Isotopes: The Dominance of Diatoms and the Southern Ocean
Vance D, Little S, De Souza G, Köbberich M, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2014) Preformed and Regenerated Controls on the Oceanic Silicon Stable Isotope Distribution
de Souza GF, Slater RD, Dunne JP & Sarmiento JL

(2014) Model-Based Assessment of the Sources of the North Atlantic Si Isotope Signature
de Souza GF, Brzezinski MA, Slater RD & Sarmiento JL

(2013) Silicon Stable Isotope Constraints on the Pathways of Thermocline Nutrient Replenishment
de Souza G, Slater R & Sarmiento J

(2011) Modelling Vertical Stable Isotope and Elemental Distributions in the Upper Ocean
Reynolds B & de Souza G

(2011) Silicon Stable Isotope Constraints on the Global Oceanic Si Cycle
de Souza G, Reynolds B & Bourdon B

(2009) δ30Si Constraints on Silicon Cycling in the Low-Latitude Thermocline
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2008) The Stable Si Isotope Composition of Eastern Atlantic Ocean Seawater
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2007) Evidence for Stable Strontium Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering
de Souza G, Reynolds B & Bourdon B

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