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All abstracts by Ariadne Argyraki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Is Magnetic Susceptibility a Good Proxy for Geochemically Reactive Potentially Toxic Elements in Soils?
Botsou F, Argyraki A & Kelepertzis E

(2019) Groundwater Pressures in Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers of Central Greece
Argyraki A, Pyrgaki K, Kelepertzis E, Megremi I, Botsou F & Dermatas D

(2019) Assessing the Natural Background of Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers in Central Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Megremi I, Karavoltsos S & Dassenakis E

(2019) Linking N Cycle to Contamination of Groundwater by Geogenic Cr(VI)
Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Boeckx P & Megremi I

(2017) Trace Metal(oid) Stabilization by Raw and Thermally Modified Geo-Materials as Soil Amendments
Argyraki A, Lampiri M, Kypritidou Z & Zotiadis V

(2017) Geogenic Occurrence of CrVI in Groundwater of Northeast Peloponnese, Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Paraskevopoulou V, Mitsis I & Dassenakis E

(2017) Metal Resource Potential of Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides at Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Kilias S, Zygouri E, Nomikou P, Chrysafeni M, Ivarsson M, Chi Fru E, El Albani A, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Argyraki A, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2017) LA-ICP-MS Evidence for Au-Cu Coupling in Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides, Kolumbo Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Zygouri E, Kilias S, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Chi Fru E, Nomikou P, Argyraki A, Ivarsson M, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2015) Proterozoic Arsenic Dynamics Controlled by Glaciations
Chi Fru E, Arvestål E, Callac N, El Albani A, Kilias S, Argyraki A & Jakobsson M

(2015) Metagenomics and Biogeochemistry of Shallow Submarine Vent Field, Spathi Bay, Milos Island, Greece
Callac N, Hemmingsson C, Posth N, Ivarsson M, Argyraki A, Kilias S & Chi Fru E

(2013) Sorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution by Greek Attapulgite Clay
Argyraki A, Messini P & Zotiadis V

(2013) Antimony in Hydrothermal Chimneys of Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Vent Field (Santorini, Greece)
Kilias S, Godelitsas A, Gamaletsos P, Mertzimekis T, Nomikou P, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Argyraki A, Gousgouni M & Papanikolaou D

(2011) Mobilization of Pb from Weathered Shots at a Firing Range in Athens, Greece
Argyraki A, Godelitsas A, Petrakaki N, Astilleros JM & Karageorgis A

(2009) Characterization of Sources of Inhalable Particulate Matter (PM10) in the Old Processing and Smelting Site of Lavrion, Greece
Skarpelis N, Argyraki A & Grypioti A

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