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All abstracts by Branwen Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Refining Trace Metal Temperature Proxies in Cold-Water Scleractinian and Stylasterid Corals
Stewart J, Robinson LF, Day R, Strawson I, Samperiz A, Burke A, Rae JWB, Spooner P, Etnoyer P, Williams B, Paytan A, Leng M, Haussermann V, Wickes L, Bratt R & Pryer HV

(2020) Oceanographic and Biogeochemical Changes along the Labrador Shelf: Evidence from Nitrogen Isotopes in a Six-Hundred-Year-Old Coralline Alga
Doherty J, Williams B, Kline E, Adey W & Thibodeau B

(2018) Advances in the Mg/Ca-Temperature Proxy in Coralline Algae: A Case Study in the Genus Clathromorphum
Williams B, Williams S, Anagnostou E, Ries J, Rasher D, Westfield I, Halfar J & Adey W

(2018) Northern North Atlantic Temperature and pH Reconstructions Through the Common Era, Using the Coralline Algae Clathromorphum compactum
Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Adey W, Foster G & Ries J

(2017) Comparison of Three Analytical Techniques to Measure Mg/Ca Values in High-Latitude Encrusting Coralline Algae
Williams B, Halfar J, Light T, Hou A, Zajacz Z & Tsay S

(2017) Northern North Atlantic Sea Ice, Temperature, and Carbon Cycle Interactions Through the Common Era Using Coralline Algae
Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Foster G, Adey W, Westfield I & Ries J

(2014) Seasonality in Calcification, Sclerochronology, and Geochemistry in the Encrusting Coralline Alga Clathromorphum compactum
Williams B, Adey W & Halfar J

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