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All abstracts by Branwen Williams in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Advances in the Mg/Ca-Temperature Proxy in Coralline Algae: A Case Study in the Genus Clathromorphum
Williams B, Williams S, Anagnostou E, Ries J, Rasher D, Westfield I, Halfar J & Adey W

(2018) Northern North Atlantic Temperature and pH Reconstructions Through the Common Era, Using the Coralline Algae Clathromorphum compactum
Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Adey W, Foster G & Ries J

(2017) Comparison of Three Analytical Techniques to Measure Mg/Ca Values in High-Latitude Encrusting Coralline Algae
Williams B, Halfar J, Light T, Hou A, Zajacz Z & Tsay S

(2017) Northern North Atlantic Sea Ice, Temperature, and Carbon Cycle Interactions Through the Common Era Using Coralline Algae
Anagnostou E, Williams B, Moffa-Sanchez P, Foster G, Adey W, Westfield I & Ries J

(2014) Seasonality in Calcification, Sclerochronology, and Geochemistry in the Encrusting Coralline Alga Clathromorphum compactum
Williams B, Adey W & Halfar J

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