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All abstracts by George Denton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Five Geochemical Time Series Support a Southward Shift of the Earth’s Thermal Equator, Causing Better Ventilation of the Deep Ocean, as the Cause of the Rise in Atmospheric CO2 at the End of the Last Glacial Period
Severinghaus J, Abernathey R, Anderson R, Shackleton S, Bereiter B, Putnam A, Denton G & Brook E

(2012) The Last Glacial Termination in the Southern Alps, New Zealand
Putnam A, Schaefer J, Denton G, Kaplan M, Barrell D, Andersen B, Birkel S, Doughty A, Kelley S, Koffman T, Finkel R & Schwartz R

(2012) Inter-Hemispheric Patterns of Holocene Glacier and Temperature Change
Schaefer JM, Putnam A, Denton G, Barrell D, Koffman T, Schluechter C, Schimmelpfennig I, Schwartz R & Rupper S

(2009) Southern Mid-Latitude Terminations of MIS-4, the Last Glacial Maximum and the Late Glacial Period in the New Zealand Moraine Record
Schaefer J, Kaplan M, Putnam A, Finkel R, Barrell D, Denton G, Andersen B & Schluechter C

(2009) Surface Exposure Dating in the Holocene – Precise 10Be Technique for Very Young Surfaces
Finkel R, Schaefer J, Barrell D, Brown T, Denton G, Kaplan M, Putnam A, Schlüchter C & Schwartz R

(2009) Precise 10Be Production Rate Calibration in New Zealand’s Southern Alps for the Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum Periods
Putnam A, Schaefer J, Vandergoes M, Barrell D, Kaplan M, Finkel R, Goehring B, Schwartz R & Denton G

(2000) Minimum Age and Evolution of the Buried Ice in Beacon Valley, Antarctica, Derived from in situ Cosmogenic Noble Gases
Oberholzer P, Baur H, Denton GH, Marchant DR, Schäfer JM, Schlüchter C, Wieler R & Lewis A

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