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All abstracts by Lennart van Maldegem in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Synglacial Biomarkers from Snowball Earth Offer New Insights on Early Eukaryote Evolution
Bishop C, Van Maldegem L, Jarrett A, Zhang R, Hope J & Brocks JJ

(2020) Discovery of the Oldest Known Biogenic Molecules at the Edge of Detectability
Vinnichenko G, Jarrett A, van Maldegem L, Hope J & Brocks J

(2020) Diagenetic Origin of Neoproterozoic ‘Sponge Biomarkers’
Bobrovskiy I, van Maldegem L, Nettersheim B, Hope J, Volkman J, Hallmann C & Brocks J

(2020) The Curious Case of post-Snowball Lipid Biomarkers
van Maldegem L, Hallmann C & Brocks J

(2020) Nature and Habitat of pre-Cryogenian Algae
Hallmann C, Nettersheim B, van Maldegem L, Brocks J & Neumann M

(2019) The Occurrence of Extended Tricyclic Terpanes in the Proterozoic and Paleozoic
Liyanage T, van Maldegem L, Edwards D, Boreham C, Hope J & Brocks J

(2019) Life after the Sturtian
Van Maldegem L, Kipp M, Krause A, Poulton S, Tosca N, Clayton K, Rooney A, Hope J & Brocks J

(2019) Testing the Value and Limitations of Redox-Sensitive Biomarker Proxies
Kinsley J, Poulton S, Kipp M, van Maldegem L & Brocks J

(2019) Steranes Constrain the Ecological Role of Ediacaran Animals and Protists
Nettersheim B, Brocks J, Bobrovskiy I, van Maldegem L & Hallmann C

(2018) Extreme Heterotrophy after Snowball Earth
van Maldegem L, Sansjofre P, Weijers J, Wolkenstein K, Wormer L, Strother P & Hallmann C

(2017) Recent Advances in the Search for New Hydrocarbon Biomarkers
Hallmann C, van Maldegem L, Wolkenstein K, Sansjofre P & Griesinger C

(2014) Coupled Cycling of Iron and Bioessential Trace-Metals
Peacock C, Moon E & van Maldegem L

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