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All abstracts by Minako Righter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Trace Element Partitioning in the Presence of Sulfur Under Reduced Conditions
Anzures BA, Vander Kaaden KE, McCubbin FM, Iacovino K, Moore GM, Prissel K, Righter M & Righter K

(2020) Pb and Rb-Sr Isotope Systematics of Enriched Components in Tissint
Suarez SE, Lapen TJ, Righter M, Beard BL & Irving AJ

(2020) Petrologic, Elemental and Isotopic Characterization of Unique Depleted Olivine Microwebsteritic Shergottite Northwest Africa 13179
Irving A, Carpenter P, Righter M, Lapen T, Tepper J & Hoefnagels B

(2016) Metal-Silicate-Sulfide Partitioning of U, Th, and K: Implications for the Budget of Volatile Elements in Mercury
Habermann M, Boujibar A, Righter K, Danielson L, Rapp J, Righter M, Pando K, Ross D & Andreasen R

(2016) Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of Nakhlite NWA 10153
Righter M, Lapen T, Andreasen R & Irving T

(2014) In situ Magnesium Isotopes and Trace Elements in Ungrouped Achondrite Northwest Africa 7325
Andreasen R, Righter M, Lapen T & Irving A

(2014) Eucrite Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Ages and Constraints on Excess of 176Hf
Righter M, Andreasen R & Lapen T

(2014) Geodynamic Implications of Amphibolites from the Mariana Forearc
Heywood L, Reagan M, Andreasen R, Righter M, Lapen T, Michibayashi K, Jicha B & Goff K

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