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All abstracts by Bradley Peters in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The 142Nd Signature of Crustal Xenoliths in Dykes Associated with the Narmada-Tapi Rift Zone, Central Deccan Traps
Halfar MC, Peters B, Day JMD & Schönbächler M

(2023) Secular Variability in the 142Nd/144Nd Compositions of high-3He/4He Basalts from the Iceland Hotspot
Peters B & Mundl-Petermeier A

(2021) Constraints on the Origins of Pacific FOZO Domains from 142Nd Compositions
Peters B & Castillo PR

(2021) An Isotopically Enriched Mantle Component in the Source of Rodrigues, Réunion Volcanic Hotspot
Halfar MC, Peters B, Day JMD & Schönbächler M

(2021) The Search for Preserved Late-Stage Accretionary Components in Terrestrial Materials
Bermingham KR, Walker RJ, Finlayson VA, Tornabene HA, Peters B, Day JMD, Rudnick RL, Nakanishi N, Jackson MG, Pearson DG & Schilling ME

(2020) Origins of 142Nd Heterogeneity in Deccan Flood Basalts
Peters B & Day J

(2019) Lithophile-Siderophile Constraints on Hadean Processes Preserved in Hotspot Sources
Peters B, Mundl-Petermeier A, Carlson R, Walker R & Day J

(2018) The Hadean Geochemical Heritage of the Réunion Hotspot Source
Peters B, Mundl A, Carlson R, Day J & Walker R

(2017) An Elevated 142Nd Signature in the Réunion Mantle Source
Peters B, Carlson R & Day J

(2016) Early Mantle Heterogeneties in the Réunion Hotspot Source
Peters B, Day J & Taylor L

(2014) Trace-Element Signatures of Réunion Hotspot-Ridge Interactions
Peters B & Day J

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