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All abstracts by Pratigya Polissar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Drivers and Impacts of Saharan Dust Variability over the Last 240 kyr
McGee D, Skonieczny C, Kinsley C, Winckler G, Bradtmiller L, Bory A, Polissar P & deMenocal P

(2018) Late to the Party: Australia’s Tardy Expansion of C4 Vegetation Linked to Australian Summer Monsoon
McInerney F, Andrae J, Polissar P, Sniderman JMK, Howard S, Hall PA & Phelps S

(2017) Carbon Dioxide Estimations from Cenozoic North Atlantic Sediments
Guitián J, Stoll HM, Phelps S & Polissar P

(2017) Phytoplankton CO2 Estimates and the Carbon Concentrating Mechanism over Quaternary Glacial Cycles
Stoll H, Hermandez-Almeida I, Guitian J, Mejia LM, Phelps S & Polissar P

(2015) Insights into the Evolution of the Great Plains Grassland Ecosystem over the Last 5 Million Years from Paleotemperature and Paleovegetation Records
Fetrow A, Snell K, Fox-Dobbs K, Fox D, Polissar P & Uno K

(2014) Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions from Biomarkers in Fluvial-Lacustrine Sediments in Eastern Africa
Uno K, Polissar P, Bonnefille R & deMenocal P

(2014) The Effect of Varying Holocene Insolation on ENSO, as Recorded by Individual Foraminifera at the Line Islands, Central Tropical Pacific
White SM, Ravelo AC & Polissar P

(2014) Leaf-Wax N-Alkane δ13C Appears Insensitive to Available Moisture
McInerney F, Freeman K, Polissar P, Feakins S, Lynch D & Doman C

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