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All abstracts by Graham Pearson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Decoupling of Kimberlite Source and Primitive Melt Compositions
Tovey M, Giuliani A, Phillips D, Sarkar C, Pearson G, Nowicki T & Carlson J

(2018) Hafnium-Osmium Isotope Systematics of Mantle Peridotites from the Cameroon Volcanic Line: Implications for Dating post-Archean Lithospheric Mantle
Liu J, Pearson G, Shu Q & Sigurdsson H

(2018) Dating Mantle Peridotites: What do Whole-Rock and Mineral Re-Os Isotopic Signatures Tell us?
Luguet A & Pearson G

(2018) Diamondiferous Proterozoic Mantle Roots beneath Arctic Canada
Liu J, Brin L, Pearson G, Bretschneider L, Luguet A, van Acken D, Kjarsgaard B, Riches A & Mišković A

(2018) Episodic Eclogitic Diamond Genesis at Jwaneng Diamond Mine, Botswana
Gress M, Pearson G, Chinn I, Koornneef J, Pals A, van der Valk E & Davies G

(2018) Deep Carbon Through Time: The Diamond Record
Howell D, Stachel T, Pearson G, Stern R, Nestola F, Shirey S & Harris J

(2017) Rapid Multielemental Analysis of Garnet with LA-Icp-TOF-MS – Implications for Diamond Exploration Studies
Bussweiler Y, Poitras S, Borovinskaya O, Tanner M & Pearson G

(2017) Fluid Induced Transition from Banded Kyanite- to Bimineralic Eclogite and Implications for the Evolution of Cratons
Sommer H, Jacob D, Stern R, Petts D, Mattey D & Pearson G

(2017) Garnet as a Recorder of Metasomatism in the Sub-Continental Lithospheric Mantle
Goodarzi P, Berry A, Pearson G, Yaxley G & Newville M

(2016) Can Komatiite PGE Abundances Trace Mixing of the Late Veneer?
Waterton P, Pearson G & Kjarsgaard B

(2016) Evidence for Water in the Lower Mantle from Ferropericlase Included in Diamond
Palot M, Jacobsen SD, Townsend JP, Nestola F, Marquardt K, Harris JW, Stachel T, McCammon CA & Pearson DG

(2016) Trace Element and Sr Isotope Characteristics of Ruby
Krebs MY, Pearson DG & Fagan AJ

(2016) Tungsten Residence in Silicate Rocks: Implications for Interpreting W Isotopic Compositions
Liu J, Pearson G, Chacko T & Luo Y

(2016) Petrogenesis of the 4.02 Ga Idiwhaa Tonalitic Gneiss and Implications for Crust Formation on the Early Earth
Reimink J, Chacko T, Davies J, Pearson DG, Stern R, Heaman L, Carlson R & Shirey S

(2016) Highly Depleted Peridotites within Mesoarchaean Orthogneiss at the Seqi Olivine Mine, SW Greenland – Potential Implications for the Formation of Cratonic Keels
Szilas K, van Hinsberg V, McDonald I, Morishita T & Pearson G

(2016) The Longevity of Archean Mantle Residues in the Convecting Upper Mantle and their Role in Young Continent Formation
Liu J, Scott J, Martin C & Pearson G

(2016) Diamond Formation beneath the Sask Craton – Insights from Diamondiferous Microxenoliths
Czas J, Stachel T, Pearson G, Stern R & Read G

(2016) Making the Complex Mantle Keels beneath Cratons
Pearson G, Wang H, Hunen JV & Szilas K

(2016) Continent Formation by Accretion of Sub-Arc Lithosphere
Scott J, Liu J, Pearson G & Czertowicz T

(2015) Corundum Eclogites: Partial Melting Residues of Subducted Troctolites from the Mid-Archean
Shu Q, Brey GP, Höfer H, Zhao Z & Pearson G

(2015) Micro-Windows into Earth’s Subduction Flux from Diamonds
Pearson G, Weiss Y & Stachel T

(2014) Rapid, Precise and Accurate Os Isotope Ratio Measurements of Nanogram to Sub-Nanogram Amounts Using Multiple Faraday Collectors and Amplifiers Equipped with 10 to 12 Ω Resistors by N-TIMS
Liu J & Pearson G

(2014) Performance of Multiple Faraday Collectors with 1012 Ω Amplifiers and Multiple Ion Counters for the Measurement of Isotope Ratios of Picogram Size Pb via TIMS
Sarkar C, Pearson G, Heaman L & Woodland S

(2014) Complex Lithosphere Evolution in the Attawapiskat Area, Canada – A Tale of Craton Thinning and Re-growth
Smit K, Pearson G, Stachel T & Seller M

(2014) W-Isotope Evolution of the 4.02 to 3.4 Ga-Old Acasta Gneiss Complex
Reimink J, Liu J, Pearson G, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2014) Large 182W Anomalies in Eoarchean Residual Mantle Rocks from Northern Labrador, Canada
Liu J, Touboul M, Ishikawa A, Walker R & Pearson G

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