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All abstracts by Bruno Deflandre in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Influence of Transient Processes on Organic Carbon Remineralization Pathways and Rates in the West Gironde Mud Patch (Bay of Biscay, Northeast Atlantic)
Dubosq N, Deflandre B, Rigaud S, Grémare A, Lamarque B, Tenorio MMB, Cordier M-A, Poirier D & Schmidt S

(2021) Early Diagenetic Processes in an Eutrophic Estuarine System: Indices of Sediment Contribution to Summer Hypoxia of the Loire?
Hulot V, Metzger E, Schmidt S, Mouret A, Deflandre B, Rigaud S, Derriennic H, Bénéteau E, Sanchez S & Maillet G

(2017) Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes during an Experimentally Induced Hypoxia
Grenz C, Rigaud S, Radakovitch O & Deflandre B

(2012) Benthic O2 Fluxes Measured by Eddy Covariance in a Large Flume Facility
Polsenaere P, Cathalot C, Cox T, Meysman F, Maire O & Deflandre B

(2012) Influence of Zostera Meadows on Geochemistry and Meiofauna of the Sediment of a Tidal Lagoon (Arcachon Basin): New Technical Approaches
Metzger E, Jezequel D, Geslin E, Cesbron F, Charrieau L, Delgard M-L, Deflandre B, Jorissen F & Anschutz P

(2012) In situ Monitoring for Studying the Seasonal Pattern of Dissolved Oxygen in a Sandy Beach of the Aquitaine Coast (France)
Charbonnier C, Anschutz P, Deflandre B, Poirier D, Bujan S & Lecroart P

(2012) Assessing the Effect of Macrobenthos Diversity on the Mineralisation of Sediment Organic Matter
Gremare A, Deflandre B, Schmidt S, Maire O, Romero-Ramirez A, Metzger E, Viollier E, Cesbron F, Labrune C, Amouroux JM, Lecroart P, Duchene JC, Poirier D, Coste L & Bichon S

(2012) Biogeochemical Dynamics Related to Seasonal Changes and Biomass-Density Patterns in Rhyzosphere Sediments of a Zostera Noltii Meadow
Delgard ML, Deflandre B, Kochoni E, Cesbron F, Bernard G, Charbonnier C, Poirier D, Bichon S, Metzger E, Deborde J & Anschutz P

(2011) Potential Rates of Denitrification Linked to Iron and Sulfur Oxidation in Aquatic Sediments
Laverman A, Yan C, Viollier E, Deflandre B, GeorgeOna-Nguema G & Pallud C

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