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All abstracts by Craig Manning in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Deep Sourced Fluids for Peridotite Carbonation in the Shallow Mantle Wedge
de Obeso JC, Kelemen P, Leong JA, Menzel MD, Manning C, Godard M, Cai Y & Bolge L

(2021) Oxidation of Subducted Organic Matter Buffered by Marine Carbonate Rules the Carbon Isotopic Signature of Arc Emissions
Tumiati S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D, Manning C, Vitale Brovarone A, Poli S & Boutier A

(2019) Carbon Chemistry in the Early Magma Ocean
Solomatova N, Caracas R & Manning C

(2019) Viscosity and Atomic Structure of CO2-bearing Magmas in the Earth’s Interior
Stagno V, Stopponi V, Kono Y, Romano C, Poe BT, Lupi S, D'Arco A, Hrubiak R, Scarlato P, Bonechi B, Perinelli C, Gaeta M & Manning CE

(2016) Structure, Stability and Themoelastic Properties of CO2-IV
Palaich S, Makhluf A, Santamaria-Perez D, Tulk C, Molaison J, Guthrie M, Kavner A & Manning C

(2016) Experimental Determination of Liquidus H2O Contents of Simple Granites at Deep Crustal Conditions
Makhluf A, Newton R & Manning C

(2016) Reevaluating Carbon Fluxes in Subduction Zones
Manning C & Kelemen P

(2015) The Global Range of Subduction Zone Thermal Structures from Exhumed Blueschists and Eclogites: Rocks are Hotter Than Models
Penniston-Dorland S, Kohn M & Manning C

(2015) FO2 and pH during Subduction Zone Metasomatism: Challenges and Opportunities
Galvez ME, Manning CE & Connolly JAD

(2015) Solubility of F-Cl-Apatites in KCl-H2O Brines at 800℃ and 1 GPa
Mair P, Tropper P, Manning C & Harlov D

(2014) The Effect of Composition and Pressure on the Structure of Carbonate-Silicate Melts Using in situ X-Ray Diffuse Scattering
Hummer D, Kavner A, Manning C, Park C, Kono Y & Kenney-Benson C

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