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All abstracts by Cara Magnabosco in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Microbial Communities in the Weathering Zone—implications for Oxidative Weathering
Georgiadis E, Roylands T, McClymont E, Christgen B, Gray N, Le Bouteiller C, Soulet G, Eglinton TI, Magnabosco C, Hemingway JD & Hilton R

(2021) Redox Revolutions can be Detected and Dated Through the Genetic Record
Magnabosco C

(2019) Co-evolution of Early Environments and Microbial Life
Lyons T, Tino C, Anderson R, Fournier G, Kappler A, Leavitt W, Magnabosco C, Stüeken E & Zerkle A

(2018) Testing Biogeochemical Hypotheses of Microbial Evolution Using Time-Calibrated Gene Transfer Phylogenies
Fournier G, Wolfe J, Momper L, Moore K & Magnabosco C

(2017) Expanding Phylogenetic Trees and Constraining the Divergence of Cyanobacteria
Moore K, Magnabosco C, Momper L, Fournier G & Bosak T

(2016) The Biomass and Biodiversity of the Continental Subsurface Biosphere
Onstott T, Magnabosco C, Lau M, Kieft T, vanHeerden E, Dong H, Lin L, Pedersen K, Ghiorse W & Sherwood Lollar B

(2014) Deciphering Microbial Carbon Sources and Metabolic Signatures in the Deep Terrestrial Subsurface
Slater G, Simkus D, Magnabosco C, Lau M, Mailloux B, Wilkie K, Kieft T, Borgonie G, Kuloyo O, van Heerden E, Sherwood Lollar B & Onstott TC

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