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All abstracts by Bramley Murton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Controls on Metal Enrichment in Ferromanganese Crusts: Temporal Changes in Oceanic Metal Flux or Phosphatisation?
Josso P, Lusty P, Chenery S & Murton B

(2020) Lengthscales of Mantle Volatile Heterogeneity
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Murton B

(2019) Modelling Critical Element Distribution in Seamount FeMn Crusts for Resource Estimation
Howarth S, Yeo I & Murton B

(2019) Redox Proxy Behaviours during Partial Melting of Mantle Lithologies
Novella D, Maclennan J, Shorttle O, Prytulak J & Murton B

(2019) Paleoceanographic and Mineral Resource Applications of Pb and Nd Isotope Records in Fe-Mn Crusts
Josso P, Lusty P, Horstwood M & Murton B

(2019) Duration of Hydrothermal Activity at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 26┬░N
Dutrieux AM, Lichtschlag A, Moreton S & Murton B

(2018) Age Model and Geochemical Evolution of FeMn Crusts
Josso P, Lusty P, Parkinson I, Chenery S, Horstwood M & Murton B

(2016) Gold-Rich Chimneys at the Beebe Hydrothermal Vent Field
Webber A, Roberts S, Murton B, Mills R & Hodgkinson M

(2015) Solid-Earth Oxygen Cycling Revealed by Enriched Mantle Domains
Shorttle O, Moussallam Y, Hartley M, Maclennan J, Edmonds M & Murton B

(2014) Supercritical Venting and VMS Formation at the Beebe Hydrothermal Field, Cayman Spreading Centre
Webber A, Murton B, Roberts S & Hodgkinson M

(2014) Geochemical Variability in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: Making the Link between Global and Local Datasets
Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Murton B

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