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All abstracts by James Moran in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Using RTMS and IRMS to Unravel the Effect of Nitrogen on the Microbiome Molecular Mechanisms of Carbon and Nutrient Cycling during Rewetting after Drought
Lipton M, Weitz K, Smith M & Moran J

(2020) Spatially Resolved Carbon Isotope Measurements for Tracing Root Exudates into the Rhizosphere
Moran J, Linley T, Kriesel J, Denis E, Ilhardt P & Kelly J

(2018) Spatially Resolved Rhizosphere Function for Elucidating Key Controls on Below-Ground Nutrient Interactions
Moran J, Denis E, Ilhardt P, Rosnow J, Nunez J, Lin V, Tucker A, Huggett N, Renslow R, Brislawn C & Jenson S

(2018) Plant Effects on Carbon Composition and Recalcitrance in Peat from a Boreal Bog: Implications for Methane Emissions
Waldo N, Tfaily M, Chu R, Anderton C, Moran J & Neumann R

(2016) Development of Non-Traditional Radioisotopes to Fill Key Age-Dating Gaps for Interpreting Geologic and Biogeochemical Cycles
Moran J, Aalseth C, Brandenberger J, Gill G, Mace E, Seifert A & White S

(2014) Acidovorax Species Reveal Potential for Oxidation of Hydrogen Coupled to Reduction of Oxygen, Nitrate, and Radionuclides Across a Subsurface Redox Gradient
Plymale A, Lee J-H, Fredrickson J, Dohnalkova A, Moran J, Resch C, McKinley J, Shi L, Roden E & Converse B

(2014) An Electron/Carbon Cycle in an Acidothermophilic Microbial Community
Moran J, Isern N, Whitmore L, Riha K, Romine M & Kreuzer H

(2014) Using Stable Isotopes to Investigate Microbial H2 and N2O Production
Hegg E, Yang H, Kreuzer H, Moran J, Hill E, Gandhi H & Ostrom N

(2014) Spatially-Resolved Carbon Flow Through a Hypersaline Microbial Mat
Moran J, Riha K, Cory A, Kim Y-M, Huang E, Metz T, Lipton M, Courtney S, Lindemann S & Fredrickson J

(2014) Short-Term Protein Stable Isotope Probing of Microbial Communities to Associate Functions with Taxa
Lipton M, Slysz G, Steinke L, Ward D, Moran J, Metz T, Kim Y-M, Lindeman S, Huang E, Anderson G, Payne S, Bryant D, Cole J & Gritsenko M

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