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All abstracts by Karina Meredith in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Assessing Groundwater Time Scales at and Beyond 36Cl/Cl Using 81Kr and Radiogenic Noble Gas Isotopes in Australia
Suckow AO, Deslandes A, Gerber C, Crane P, Wilske C, Raiber M, Yang G-M, Jiang W & Meredith K

(2022) Quantifying Recharge to the Pilliga Sandstone Aquifer, Great Artesian Basin Australia: Learnings from Combining 14C, 36Cl and 81Kr
Suckow AO, Raiber M, Deslandes A, Gerber C, Martinez J, Yang G-M, Jiang W & Meredith K

(2018) Factors Affecting Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations in Groundwater
McDonough L, Oudone P, Rutlidge H, Meredith K, Andersen M, O'Carroll D, Chapelle F & Baker A

(2017) Probing the Groundwater Cycle on Carbonate Islands Using Si and Li Isotopes, Rottnest Island, Australia
Martin A, Meredith K, Baker A, Bryan E & Norman M

(2017) Application of Stable Noble Gases, 85Kr and 39Ar to Investigate the Freshwater Lens on Rottnest Island, Western Australia
Kersting A, Aeschbach W, Deslandes A, Meredith K, Peterson M, Purtschert R & Suckow A

(2017) A Multi-Tracer Study in the Surat Basin, Australia: “Wrong Ages” in Hutton Sandstone Give Deeper Insights into Aquifer Structure and Effective Deep Recharge, and Chasing the Fate of the Fresh Water of Precipice Sandstone
Suckow A, Raiber M, Deslandes A, Meredith K, Davies P, Taylor A & Leaney F

(2016) Evolution of Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Inorganic Carbon in the Unsaturated and Saturated Zones of a Semi-Arid Zone Environment
Meredith K, Han L, Hollins S, Cendon D, Jacobsen G & Baker A

(2014) Using Trace Element and Halide Isotopes to Understand Salinization Mechanisms of Groundwaters from an Arid Aquifer
Meredith K, Hollins S, Tomascak P, Moriguti T, Frape S & Nakamura E

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