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All abstracts by Hein J.W. de Baar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Interplay between Particulate and Dissolved Neodymium in the Western North Atlantic
Stichel T, Kretschmer S, Lambelet M, van de Flierdt T, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Rijkenberg MJA, Gerringa LJ & De Baar HJW

(2015) Dissolved Aluminium in the West-Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Middag R, Rolison JM, Stirling CH, van Hulten MMP, Rijkenberg MJA, Gerringa LJA & de Baar HJW

(2015) Detection of Pb from Natural Sources in the Tropical Atlantic
Bridgestock L, van de Flierdt T, Rehkamper M, Baker A, Achterberg E, Rijkenberg M, Lohan M & de Baar H

(2015) Manganese in an Ocean General Circulation Model
van Hulten M, Dutay J-C, Roy-Barman M, Tagliabue A, Sterl A, Middag R & de Baar H

(2015) Biogeochemical Cycling of the Uranium, Iron and Cadmium Isotope Systems during Oceanic Anoxia: A Case Study of the Black Sea
Rolison J, Stirling C, George E, Middag R, Gault-Ringold M, Rijkenberg M & de Baar H

(2014) Dissolved Trace Metal Distributions in the Black Sea: Results from the MedBlack GEOTRACES Expedition
Rolison J, Middag R, Rijkenberg M, Stirling C & de Baar H

(2014) Cadmium Isotopes along the Line-P Transect in the Northeast Subarctic Pacific
Janssen DJ, Cullen JT, Abouchami W, Galer SJG & de Baar HJW

(2014) Dissolved Trace Metal Distributions in the Mediterranean Sea: Results from the Recent MedBlack GEOTRACES Expedition
Rolison J, Middag R, Rijkenberg M, Stirling C & de Baar H

(2014) Global Oceanic Cadmium Isotope Distribution
Galer S, Abouchami W, Xie R, Janssen D, Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Cullen J & de Baar H

(2014) Biogeochemical Cycling of Uranium in Redox-Controlled Environments: A 238U/235U Case Study of the Black Sea
Stirling C, Rolison J, Middag R, Rijkenberg M & de Baar H

(2014) Radium Isotopes as a Tracer of Sediment-Water Column Exchange in the North Sea
Burt W, Thomas H, Pätsch J, Omar A, Schrum C, Daewel U, Brenner H & de Baar H

(2013) Aluminium in an Ocean General Circulation Model and Observations
van Hulten M, de Baar H, Middag R, Sterl A, Dutay J-C, Gehlen M & Tagliabue A

(2013) Neodymium Isotopic Composition and Concentration in Equatorial to North Atlantic Seawater
Lambelet M, van de Flierdt T, Crocket K, Rehkämper M, Kreissig K, Coles B, Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, van Aken H & de Baar H

(2013) Interactions of Dissolved CO2 with Cadmium Isotopes in the Southern Ocean
de Baar H, van Heuven S, Middag R, Neven I, Klunder M, van Ooijen J, Xue Z, Abouchami W, Rehkamper M & Galer S

(2012) Dissolved Iron in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans
De Baar H, Klunder M, Thuroczy C-E, Laan P, Gerringa L, Alderkamp A-C, Middag R & Arrigo K

(2012) Contrasting Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron and Aluminium along the GEOTRACES West Atlantic Section
De Baar H, Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Middag R, Van Hulten M, Laan P, Schoemann V, De Jong J, Sterl A & Van Aken H

(2011) Dissolved Fe in the Western Atlantic Ocean: Distribution, Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Laan P, Schoemann V, Middag R, van Heuven S, Salt L, van Aken H, de Jong J & de Baar H

(2011) Cadmium Isotopes in the Western North Atlantic – GEOTRACES Cruise PE319
Powell C, Abouchami W, Galer S, Andreae M, de Jong J, Gerringa L & de Baar H

(2010) Cd Isotope Constraints on Nutrient Cycling in the Southern Ocean
Rehkämper M, Xue Z, van de Flierdt T, Middag R & de Baar H

(2004) Role of Iron in Marine Biogeochemistry
Achterberg E, Ussher U, Gledhill M, Worsfold P, Bowie A, Gehrels W, Geider R & de Baar H

(2000) Modeling the Present-Day CO2 Drawndown in the HNLC Southern Ocean
Lancelot C, Hannon E, Sylvie B, Probst G, Goosse H, Schoemann V & de Baar H

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