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All abstracts by Carlo A. Arcilla in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Fate of Cr in a Ni Laterite Mine Catchment, Palawan, Philippines
Delina RE, Arcilla C & Otake T

(2017) Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Laterization: Insights from Mineralogical Characterization and Reactive Transport Modelling of Zambales Nickel Laterite Deposit, Philippines
Aquino K, Arcilla C & Codillo E

(2017) Insights on Mantle Lithologic Variability in the Source of Plio-Pleistocene Intraplate EMORB Magmatism in Palawan, Philippines
Arcilla C, Refran J & Codillo E

(2017) Clumped Isotope Signatures of Serpentinization-Associated Methane from the Philippines
Woycheese K, Meyer-Dombard D, Cardace D, Arcilla C & Ono S

(2016) Carbon Sequestration by Hyperalkaline Springs in Palawan, Philippines: Geochemical Constraints and Implications
Samosa R, Arcilla C, Sato T, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Nishimura M & Alexander R

(2016) Rare Earth Element and Scandium Geochemistry of Philippine Nickel Laterite Ores: Analytical Validation and Economic Implications
Tupaz CA & Arcilla C

(2016) Tracing Continental Sediment Input into Philippine Volcanoes: Implications for Slab Melting and Mantle Flow
Arcilla C

(2016) Hyperalkaline Natural Analogue Potential at Central Palawan in the Philippines
Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T, Shimbashi M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Satoh H, Arcilla C, Samosa R & Alexander R

(2016) Groundwater Monitoring in Philippines Spill Site: Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Loreto FC & Arcilla C

(2016) Smectite and C-S-H Formation Under Hyperalkaline Conditions at Narra in Palawan, Philippines
Shimbashi M, Sato T, Otake T, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Nishimura M, Miyoshi S, Samosa R, Arcilla C, Satoh H & Alexander R

(2016) Geochemical Modelling of Philippine Nickel Laterites: Effect of Degree of Serpentinization on Ultramafic Weathering
Aquino K & Arcilla C

(2015) Benzene Groundwater Monitoring on Philippine Fuel Spill Site: Seasonal Plume Variations and Persistence of VOC Contaminants
Loreto FC & Arcilla C

(2015) Reactive Transport Geochemical Modelling of a Philippine Iron-Nickel Laterite
Aquino K, Codillo E & Arcilla C

(2015) Trace Elements (REE, Sc, Y) in Laterites from Mindoro, Philippines
Tupaz CA & Arcilla C

(2014) Distribution of Metals in Secondary Phases during Lateritic Weathering of Ophiolites
Ong RRM, Arcilla CA & Samosa RK

(2013) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Philippine Nickel Laterite Deposits
Arcilla C, Ong R, Calibo M & Ferrer C

(2011) Occurrences of Nickel in Different Host Phases of a Laterite Deposit: An Example from Berong, Philippines
Calibo M, Arcilla C, Ong R, Tejada ML & Rafols J

(2010) Bicarbonate Fluxes from Rivers Draining Ophiolites and Volcanoes, Luzon, Philippines
Schopka H, Derry L & Arcilla C

(2009) Mineralogical and Geochemical Controls on Arsenic Mobility in Geothermal Areas of the Philippines
Pascua C, Sato T & Arcilla C

(2009) Reaction Pathways for Rising Hyperalkaline Groundwater in a Bentonite Mine in the Philippines
Arcilla C, Pascua C, Vargas E, Honrado M, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

(2009) Smectite and Zeolite Formation from the Pyroclastic Deposits of the Aksitero Formation, Philippines
Honrado M, Pascua C, Vargas E, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

(2009) Origin of the Manleluag Hyperalkaline Hot Spring, Philippines
Vargas E, Pascua C, Honrado M, Arcilla C, Alexander WR, Namiki K, Fujii N, Yamakawa M, Sato T & McKinley I

(2008) Extent of Indian MORB Mantle Domain during the Cretaceous: Geochemistry of Basement Rocks in Luzon, Philippines
Tejada ML, Belza C, Arcilla C, Balangue-Tarriela MIR, Rodolfo R & Castillo P

(2007) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Rocks in the Tropical Environment
Pascua C, Asai A, Arcilla C, Yamada H & Sato T

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