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All abstracts by Gary Huss in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Oxygen Isotope Measurements of Comet Wild 2 Fines
Ogliore RC, Westphal A, Gainsforth Z, Huss G, Joswiak D & Brownlee D

(2020) The Great Carbonaceous vs. non-CArbonaceous Chondrite Isotope Schism: A Heretical View
MacPherson G & Huss G

(2020) 16O-Poor Water Ice in the Acfer 094 Parent Body
Ogliore R, Vacher L, Liu N, Nagashima K & Huss G

(2017) Life History of Abyssal and Hadal Fishes from Otolith Growth Zones and Oxygen Isotopes
Gerringer M, Andrews A, Huss G, Nagashima K, Gallo N, Clark M, Linley T, Jamieson A & Drazen J

(2016) Evaluation of Potential Standards for Oxygen Isotope Microanalysis
Thomen A, Nagashima K, Couapel M, Sonzogni C, Alexandre A, Huss G & Krot A

(2014) Diffusive Fractionation of Fe and Ni Isotopes in Iron-Nickel Alloys
Watson H, Richter F, Huss G & Liu A

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