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All abstracts by J. Elis Hoffmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A Multi-Stage Origin for Juvenile Continental Crust in the Archean: Evidence from Titanium Isotope Compositions in Eoarchean Rocks from the Isua Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland
Hoare L, Rzehak LJA, Kommescher S, Jansen M, Nagel T, Millet M-A, Hoffmann JE & Fonseca ROC

(2023) In situ Lead and Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analyses of Sulfides in Eoarchean Peridotites Provide Evidence for Early Crustal Recycling
Lewis JA, Schwarzenbach EM, Liesegang M, van de Löcht J, Schwarz A, Strauss H, Münker C, Rosing MT, Whitehouse M, Jeon H & Hoffmann JE

(2023) 182W Isotope Patterns Preserved in Paleoarchean TTGs from the Ancient Gneiss Complex
Hoffmann JE, Tusch J, Sandor P & Florin G

(2023) Origin of Massive Dunites of the Crust-Mantle Transition in the Oman Ophiolite at Wadi Zeeb (ICDP Oman Drilling Project)
Becker H, Weitkamp S, Fleming WL, Kaehne Z, Stammeier JA, Gleißner P, Hoffmann JE, Takazawa E & Koepke J

(2022) Investigating the Late Accretion History and Convective Homogenization of the Terrestrial Mantle – New Perspectives from Coupled Ru Isotope and HSE Abundance Data
Tusch J, Fischer-Gödde M, Hoffmann JE, Gerritzen C, Gans P, Maier W, Van Kranendonk MJ, Smithies H, Becker H & Münker C

(2022) Magmatic Crystallization Drives Zr Isotopic Variations in Zircons of the Granite Batholith
Zhu Z, Zhang W, Guo J, Wang Z, Hoffmann JE, Luo T & Hu Z-C

(2022) Re-Os and PGE Systematics of Paleoarchean Komatiites from the Western Dhawar Craton, India
Hoffmann JE, Ravindran A & Balakrishnan S

(2021) Ancient Mantle Heterogeneities Recorded in Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks
Debaille V, Wainwright A, Hoffmann JE, Viehmann S & Bau M

(2021) Recycled Roots of Hadean Protocrust – A Possible OIB Endmember?
Tusch J, Hoffmann JE, Hasenstab E & Münker C

(2021) Evidence for Surface-Derived Sulfur in Eoarchean TTGs from the Itsaq Gneiss Complex, SW Greenland
Lewis JA, Hoffmann JE, Schwarzenbach EM, Strauss H, Liesegang M & Rosing M

(2021) Evidence for Recycled Surface-Derived Sulfur in Earth’s Oldest Mantle Peridotites from Southern West Greenland
Hoffmann JE, Lewis JA, Schwarzenbach EM, Strauss H, Vrijmoed HJC & Rosing MT

(2019) Probing Geodynamics and Crust Formation Processes in the Early Archean
Hoffmann JE

(2019) The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Some of the Earth’s Oldest Rocks from SW Greenland
Kurzweil F, Münker C, Hoffmann E, Tusch J & Schoenberg R

(2019) Re-Os and PGE Systematics of 3.46 Ga Meta-Komatiites from the Dwalile Greenstone Remnant, Swaziland
Hoffmann JE, Gans P & Kröner A

(2019) Global Halogen Flux of Subducting Oceanic Crust
Beaudoin G, Barnes J, John T & Hoffmann E

(2017) Hf-Nd Isotope and Platinum Group Element Patterns of >3.8 Ga Mantle Peridotites from SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Li C, Wang Z, Becker H & Rosing MT

(2017) Constant Cu/Ag in Mantle Pyroxenites, MORBs and OIBs – Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust
Wang Z, Liu Y, Becker H, Hoffmann E & Chen C

(2017) Tonalites from Fiji: A Probe of Archean Continental Crust Growth?
Marien CS, Drewes EK, Hoffmann JE, Gill JB & Münker C

(2017) 182W Anomalies in Archean Rocks: A Vestige of Variable Late Accretion?
Münker C, Tusch J, van de Löcht J, Thiemens M, Sprung P & Hoffmann E

(2017) A Comprehensive Formation Model of the Lower Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt
Hoffmann JE, Schneider KP, Münker C, Sprung P, Patyniak M & Kröner A

(2017) Reworking of Enriched 142Nd Signatures in Early Archean Crustal Rocks from the Eastern Kaapvaal Craton (South Africa)
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Boyet M, Münker C & Kröner A

(2017) Early Silicate Differentiation of the Isua Mantle? Insights from Tungsten Isotopes and HSE Abundances
Tusch J, van de Löcht J, Sprung P, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2015) Combined Lu-Hf & Sm-Nd Garnet Constraints on Archean Crustal Growth at the SE-Greenland Margin
Tusch J, Naeraa T, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2015) Tracing the Thermal State of the Archean Mantle: Insights from Coupled Eu-εNd(t) Patterns of BIFs
Viehmann S, Bau M, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

(2015) Alternative Ways to Produce TTGs: Insights from the 3.43-3.48 Ga Tsawela Gneisses, Ancient Gneiss Complex (Swaziland)
Hoffmann JE & Kröner A

(2015) The Origin of > 3, 8 Ga Peridotites, South of Isua Region, SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Kleinschrodt R, Garbe-Schönberg D & Rosing MT

(2015) Are Oceanic Plagiogranites from Cyprus Archean TTG Analogues?
Marien CS, Münker C, Hoffmann JE & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2015) High-Al/Ti Komatiites from the Archaean Nova Lima Group – Multi-Stage Melting in the Archaean Mantle?
van Acken D, Hoffmann JE, Schorscher JHD, Luguet A, Heuser A & Schulz T

(2015) A Felsic Basement beneath the Barberton Greenstone Belt? – Constraints from Hf-Nd Isotope and Trace Element Data
Schneider KP, Hoffmann JE, Münker C & Kröner A

(2014) Differences in the Composition of Ancient Gneiss Complexes – A Matter of Crustal Level?
Hoffmann JE & Kröner A

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