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All abstracts by Eva Haluzova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Copper, Zinc, Chromium and Osmium Isotopic Compositions of the Teplá-Barrandian Unit Black Shales
Ackerman L, Pašava J, Šípková A, Martínková E, Haluzová E, Rodovská Z & Erban V

(2017) Hafnium Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks from South and West India
Ackerman L, Slama J, Haluzova E, Magna T, Rapprich V, Kochergina Y & Upadhyay D

(2015) Re-Os and Lu-Hf Isotope Constraints on the Origin and Age of Pyroxenites from the Bohemian Massif
Haluzova E, Ackerman L, Slama J, Svojtka M & Hirajima T

(2015) Improved Chronology of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Events in the Příbram Ore Region, Czech Republic
Žák K, Svojtka M, Ackerman L, Breiter K, Haluzová E, Ďurišová J, Pašava J & Veselovský F

(2015) Platinum-Group Element and Osmium-Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of Ni-Cu-(PGE) Ores from Rožany, Bohemian Massif
Ackerman L, Haluzova E & Pasava J

(2015) Distribution of Trace Elements in Molybdenite from Different Types of Mineralization: Results from LA-ICP-MS Study
Pašava J, Svojtka M, Veselovský F, Ďurišová J, Ackerman L, Pour O, Drábek M, Žák K, Halodová P & Haluzová E

(2014) Re-Os Geochronology of Granite-Related Molybdenite Mineralizations from the Bohemian Massif
Ackerman L, Haluzova E, Pašava J, Veselovský F, Žák K, Svojtka M, Erban V & Ďurišová J

(2014) Re-Os Geochemistry of Mantle Pyroxenites from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
Haluzová E, Ackerman L, Svojtka M & Hirajima T

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