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All abstracts by Jian Gong in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Rapid Release of Molecular Hydrogen during Anaerobic Weathering of Basaltic Glass
Gong J, Cannon K, Hurowitz J, Stack K, Weiss B & Bosak T

(2020) New Insights on the Biogenicity of South Africa’s Oldest Stromatolites
Homann M, Lalonde S, Van Zuilen M, Gong J, Patry L, Hayles J, Walsh M, Lowe D & Byerly G

(2018) Recognizing Microbial Life Preserved in Rocks: Insights from Population Morphometry
Rouillard J, Havas R, Gérard E, García-Ruiz J-M, Gong J & van Zuilen MA

(2017) Terrestrial Microbial Mats at 3, 220 Myr ago (Moodies Group, SA)
Homann M, Heubeck C, Airo A, Van Kranendonk M, Van Zuilen M, Gong J, Sansjofre P & Lalonde S

(2014) A Geochemical Marker for Ancient Motile Communities of Filamentous Microorganisms
Gong J & Tice M

(2014) The Significance of Conical Mats
Tice M, Gong J & Zeng Z

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