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All abstracts by Arnaud Dapoigny in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) 227Ac and 231Pa in the Southeast Sector of Southern Ocean (Bonus GoodHope – GEOTRACES Cruise
Levier M, Roy-Barman M & Dapoigny A

(2021) Reproducible paleo-Ph and Temperature Reconstructions Using Cold-Water Coral Aragonite Fibers with an Improved Mechanical Cleaning Procedure
Matos L, Douville E, Thil F, Montagna P, Frank N, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Wienberg C & Hebbeln D

(2021) Opal Diagenesis within Southern Ocean Sediments Tracked by Stable Silicon Isotopes
Closset I, Mark B, Cardinal D, Dapoigny A, Jones J & Robinson R

(2021) Tracing Weathering and Anthropogenic Controls of Groundwater Geochemical Cycling from Tropical Watershed
Pullyottum Kavil S, Cardinal D, Chakrabarti R, Riotte J, Sarma V, Dapoigny A, Vaury V, Ruiz L, Baud B & Kumar BSK

(2021) Growth Parameters Affect Geochemical Proxies in Massive Corals: Impacts on Climate Reconstructions
Canesi M, Douville E, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Coulibaly G, Simon A-C, Agelou M, Montagna P, Allemand D & Reynaud S

(2020) Seawater 227Ac Analysis by ID-Mc-ICPMS: A GEOTRACES Challenge
Levier M, Roy-Barman M, Colin C & Dapoigny A

(2017) 320 Years of Modern Sea Surface pH and SST Variability in the South Pacific from Coral Proxy Records
Wu H, Dissard D, Douville E, Blamart D, Bordier L, Dapoigny A, Le Cornec F, Tribollet A & Lazareth C

(2017) Silicate Weathering and Dissolution Recorded by Si Isotopes in Shallow Groundwater Near the Indian Coast
Cardinal D, Mangalaa KR, Dapoigny A, Sarma NS & Sarma VVSS

(2017) New Constrains on Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Changes during the Past 40 ky from Combined 231Pa/230Th, Benthic δ13C and 14C Benthic-Planktonic Ventilation Ages
Missiaen L, Waelbroeck C, Pichat S, Dapoigny A, Thil F, Foliot L, Wacker L, Hajdas I, Böhm E, Vasquez-Riveiros N & Moreira Martinez S

(2017) 231Pa and 230Th in the Barents Sea and the Nansen Basin: Implications for Shelf-Basin Interactions and Changes in Particle Flux
Gdaniec S, Roy-Barman M, Levier M, Missiaen L, Dapoigny A, Valk O, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Andersson P

(2012) Combination of Water Isotopes to Improve Temperature Reconstruction
Landais A, Winkler R, Barkan E, Dapoigny A, Eykakin A, Falourd S, Fourre E, Jean-Baptiste P, Luz B, Minster B, Petit J-R, Prie F & Risi C

(2010) Tritium/Helium-3 Dating of Groundwaters Around Chernobyl Site
Fourré E, Jean-Baptiste P, Dapoigny A, Baumier D, Bugay D, Aquilina L, Labasque T, Le Gal La Salle C & Lancelot J

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