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All abstracts by Martin Danisik in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Forensic Geochronology of an Explosive-Effusive Transition: Ascension Island
Scarrow JH, Schmitt AK, Danisik M, Montero P, Preece KJ, Davies BV, Brown RJ, Mark D & Barclay J

(2020) Deciphering Pre-Eruptive Thermal Histories Using Coupled Ar/Ar and (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry and Bayesian Inference: Toba Caldera, Sumatra
Danisik M, Mucek A, de Silva S, Miggins D, Schmitt A, Pratomo I, Koppers A, Phatak A & Gillespie J

(2020) Multiple Background Corrections for U-Th Disequilibrium Dating of Zircon – Visualisation and Reduction via Crayfish
Marsden R, Kirkland C, Danišík M, Evans N & Daggitt M

(2019) Mesozoic–Cenozoic Thermal Evolution of SE China in Response to Flat-Slab Subduction at the proto-Western Pacific Margin
Tao N, Li Z-X, Danisik M & Evans N

(2017) Formation and Reactivation of the Pamir-Tian Shan Suture: Insights from Apatite Triple Dating
Jepson G, Glorie S, Konopelko D, Gillespie J, Danisik M, Evans N & Collins A

(2017) Mapping Helium Distribution in Zircon
Danišík M, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C, McDonald B & Becker T

(2016) In situ 190Pt-4He Dating of Platinum Mineralization
Yakubovich O, Danišík M, Mochalov A, McDonald B, Sluzhenikin S, Evans N & Mclnnes B

(2016) Visualizing He Distribution in Zircon by Laser Ablation Noble Gas Mass-Spectrometry: Implications for (U-Th)/He Geochronology and Thermochronology
Danišík M, McInnes B, McDonald B, Kirkland C, Evans N & Becker T

(2015) Laser Ablation in situ (U-Th-Sm)/He and U-Pb Double Dating of Apatite
Danišík M, McDonald B, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C & Becker T

(2015) A Multi-System Geochronology of Cenozoic Tuffs in the Western Pannonian Basin with Implications for Interpretation of (U-Th)/He Data
Danišík M, Fodor L, Dunkl I, Gerdes A, Csizmeg J, Hámor-Vidó M, McDonald B & Evans N

(2013) Testing Accuracy of Combined Zircon (238U/230Th) and (U-Th)/He Dating Against Radiocarbon Dating
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K, Lindsay J & Alloway B

(2012) Testing Efficacy of Zircon (238U/230Th) + (U-Th)/He and Radiocarbon Dating Methods on the New Zealand Late Quaternary Tephras
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K & Lindsay J

(2011) Eruptive History and Chemical Evolution of the Acigöl Volcanic Field, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Based on Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr-Nd-Pb, δ18O) Constraints and Ion Microprobe Zircon Analysis
Siebel W, Schmitt A, Danisik M, Aydin F & Kiemele E

(2011) Post-Depositional Thermal History of the 4364–3060Ma Zircon-Bearing Metasandstones of the Illaara and Maynard Hills Granite Greenstone Belts, Western Australia
Thern E, Jourdan F, Evans N, McDonald B, Danisik M, Frew A & Nelson D

(2011) Geochronological and Thermochronological Evolution of the Southern Gaoligongshan Metamorphic Belt, Yunnan (China)
Eroglu S, Siebel W, Danisik M, Pfänder J & Chen F

(2010) Tectonothermal History of the Black Forest (Germany): A Triple Dating Approach on a Single Apatite Sample
Danisik M, Pfaff K, Evans N, Manoloukos C, Staude S, McDonald B & Markl G

(2007) (U-Th)/He Dating of Faulting in the Southern Alps
Dunkl I, Danisík M, Picotti V, Frisch W, von Eynatten H & Castellarin A

(2007) Latest-Stage Exhumation History of the Central Alps
Spiegel C, Dörr N, Rahn M & Danisik M

(2006) Significance of high-elevated planation surfaces in interpreting thermotectonic evolution of the mountains.
Danišík M, Kuhlemann J, Dunkl I, Székely B & Frisch W

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