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All abstracts by Patrick Boehnke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Single-Grain 238U/235U Measurements in Early Earth Zircons
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Boehnke P, Dauphas N, McGee D, Grove TL & Harrison TM

(2018) Origin of Si and O Isotope Heterogeneities in Igneous Zircon
Trail D, Boehnke P, Liu M-C, Savage P, Miller M & Bindeman I

(2018) Cosmochemistry with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Pellin M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2018) A Late Heavy Bombardment?
Harrison M, Hodges K & Boehnke P

(2018) Calculating Isotope Anomalies: A Bayesian Approach
Boehnke P, Steele R, Tissot F & Davis A

(2017) High-Silica Hadean Crust
Boehnke P, Bell E, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Keller B, Pardo O, Davis A & Harrison M

(2017) A New Look at Hadean Habitability
Harrison M, Boehnke P & Bell E

(2017) Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
Liu N, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Nittler L, Alexander C, Wang J, Trappitsch R, Pellin M & Davis A

(2017) CHILI: Isotopic Compositions at the Sub-Micrometer Scale Without Isobaric Interferences
Davis A, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Boehnke P & Pellin M

(2017) Stepwise Chemical Abrasion ID-TIMS-Tea of Hadean Jack Hills Zircon Microfragments
Keller CB, Boehnke P, Schoene B & Harrison TM

(2015) Distinguishing Primary vs. Alteration Signatures Among Jack Hills Zircons and their Mineral Inclusions
Bell E, Boehnke P & Harrison M

(2015) Degassing Modeling of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Apatite
Economos R, Burgisser A & Boehnke P

(2015) Temporal Variation in Average Zircon Saturation Temperature over Last 4 Gyr
Keller CB, Schoene B & Boehnke P

(2014) Accurate 40Ar/39Ar MDD Thermal Histories of Extraterrestrial Samples
Boehnke P, Heizler M, Harrison M, Lovera O & Warren P

(2014) Sulfur Concentration and Isotope Zoning in Apatite Crystals: Implications and Applications
Economos R & Boehnke P

(2014) Investigating Carbonaceous Materials Preserved in Hadean Zircons
Bell E, Boehnke P, Harrison TM & Steele A

(2012) Zircon as a Probe of Planetary Impact History
Wielicki M, Harrison M, Boehnke P & Abramov O

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