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All abstracts by Emma Bullock in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Evaporations Kinetics of Alkali Elements from Silicate Melts: An Experimental Comparison between Vacuum and 1-Bar Evaporations
Zhang ZJ, Mendybaev RA, Nie N, Ni P, Bullock E & Dauphas N

(2022) Links between Oxygen Isotopes, Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and the Environment Captured in Freshwater Pearl Nacre
Farfan GA, Bullock E, Zhou C, Valley JW & Orland I

(2019) A Chalcophile Element Perspective on Mantle Heterogeneity Under Iceland
Reekie C, Jenner F, Hauri E, Bullock E, Halld├│rsson S & Williams H

(2018) Pressure Effects Complicate our Understanding of Earth's Sulfur Cycle
Reekie C, Jenner F, Smythe D, Hauri E, Bullock E & Williams H

(2018) Boron-Bearing, Type IIb Diamonds from Superdeep Subduction
Smith E, Shirey S, Richardson S, Nestola F, Bullock E, Wang J & Wang W

(2014) High-Precision Al-Mg Systematics in Forsterite-Bearing Type B CAIs
Bullock E, Nakashima D, Tenner T, Kita N, MacPherson G, Ivanova M, Krot A, Petaev M & Jacobsen S

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