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All abstracts by Florence Bégué in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) VESIcal: An Open-Source Thermodynamic Model Engine for Mixed Volatile (H2O-CO2) Solubility in Silicate Melts
Iacovino K, Matthews S, Wieser P, Moore GM, Allison CM & Bégué F

(2017) Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to Decipher Fluid-Rock Interaction
Baumgartner L, Bégué F, Siron G, Luisier C, Marger K & Bouvier A-S

(2016) Climbing the Crustal Ladder: Magma Storage-Depth Evolution during a Volcanic Flare-Up
Gualda GAR, Gravley DM, Connor MR, Hollmann BE, Pamukcu AS, Bégué F, Ghiorso MS & Deering CD

(2014) From Magma to Mudpool: Linking Arc Volatiles and Active Geothermal Systems
Chambefort I, Bégué F, Heinrich C, Walle M & Dilles JH

(2013) Volatile Distribution in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bégué F, Gravley D, Chambefort I, Deering C & Kennedy B

(2013) IBA Quartz Chemistry to Track Phase Separation in Intrusive Rock
Chambefort I, Trompetter W & Begue F

(2012) Volatile Transfer from Magma Sources in the Taupo Volcanic Zone
Begue F, Deering C, Gravley D, Kennedy B & Chambefort I

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