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All abstracts by Rodney C. Ewing in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Mechanical and Structural Properties of Radiation-Damaged allanite-(Ce)
Reissner CE, Bismayer U, Ewing RC, Navrotsky A, Reissner M, Paulmann C, Skoda R, Pöllmann H & Beirau T

(2019) Multi-Scale, Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Nuclear Waste Repositories in Different Geologic Settings
Diaz-Maurin F & Ewing RC

(2019) Nanoscale Isotopic and Chemical Zonation of Ore Minerals
Deditius A, Reich M, Barra F, Simon A, Utsunomiya S, Kilburn M, Kesler S & Ewing R

(2016) Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles Unveil the Explosive Events in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Imoto J, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S

(2016) Characterization of Radiation Effects in Complex-Oxide Nuclear Waste Forms: New Application of Neutron and X-Ray Total Scattering Techniques
Lang M, Shamblin J, Tracy CL, Finkeldei S, Bosbach D & Ewing RC

(2015) In situ Observation of Alpha-Particle Induced Annealing of Radiation Damage in Apatite
Ewing R & Li W

(2015) Projecting Risk into the Future: Sinking of the Titanic and Failure of a Geologic Repository
Ewing R

(2014) Formation and Annealing Behavior of Unetched Fission Tracks: Apatite vs. Zircon
Li W, Lang M, Gleadow A & Ewing R

(2014) The Nuclear Fuel Cycle vs. The Carbon Cycle: Pu vs. C
Ewing R

(2014) Geochemistry of Au and As in Pyrite from Ore Deposits
Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Utsunomiya S, Chryssoulis S, Walshe J & Ewing R

(2013) Uranium Reduction on Magnetite: An Electrochemistry Approach
Yuan K, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2013) Nuclear Materials Under Extreme Conditions
Ewing R

(2013) Multi-Scale Simulation of Structural Heterogeneity of Swift-Heavy Ion Tracks in Complex Oxides
Wang J, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2013) The Effect of Nuclear Radiation on the Structure of Zircon
Ewing R

(2012) The Energetic and Kinetics of Uranyl Reduction on Pyrite, Hematite, and Magnetite Surfaces: A Powder Microelectrode Study
Renock D, Mueller M, Ewing R & Becker U

(2011) Chemical Limits of Trace Elements in Pyrite
Deditius A, Kesler S, Reich M, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R

(2010) Ab Initio Calculations of He Diffusion in Apatite
Bengtson A, Ewing R & Becker U

(2010) Pb-Incorporation into Synthetic Pb-Doped Zircon
Kogawa M, Watson B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S

(2010) The Origin and Evolution of <i>Elements</i>
Ewing R

(2010) U and Th Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Ewing R & Sverjensky D

(2010) Electronic Structure of Ti, Zr, Hf and Sn Containing Garnets – Materials for Immobilization of Actinides
Rak Z, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2010) The Influence of Muscovite and Orthoclase on the Precipitation of CaCO3 Polymorphs
Hu Q, Zhang J, Teng H, Ewing R & Becker U

(2010) Trace-Metal Nanoparticles in Pyrite
Deditius A, Utsunomiya S, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R, Hough R & Walshe J

(2009) Groundwater Nanoparticles in the Far-Field at the Nevada Test Site
Ustunomiya S, Kersting AB & Ewing RC

(2008) Gold Deposition onto Arsenian Pyrite
Renock D, Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R & Becker U

(2008) Radiation Effects in Zircon and Apatite
Ewing R, Weber W & Lang M

(2008) Coffinite and Ningyoite from Natural Nuclear Reactor in Bangombé, Gabon
Utsunomiya S, Deditius A, Pointeau V & Ewing R

(2008) Actinide Adsorption onto Hematite (001) Surface
Shuller L, Poling J, Ewing R & Becker U

(2008) Decoupling of Cu and As in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from The Pueblo Viejo Au-Ag Deposit, Dominican Republic
Deditius A, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Kesler S

(2007) Arsenic Uptake and Release on Sulfide Nanoparticles
Renock D, Utsunomiya S, Gallegos T, Hayes K, Ewing R & Becker U

(2007) Adsorption Energy Trends on UO<sub>2</sub> And ThO<sub>2</sub> Surfaces
Skomurski F, Ewing R & Becker U

(2005) Multiple Approaches to Studying Diffusion Processes in Geological Media
Hu Q, Ewing R, Steefel C, Tomutsa L & Hudson B

(2005) Insitu Observation of Thermodynamic Size Effects on Melting of Natural Gold Nanoparticles
Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Becker U, Wang L & Ewing R

(2005) The Epsilon Phase in the UO<->2<$> of the Oklo Natural Reactors
Utsunomiya S & Ewing R

(2005) Natural Uranium Getters in Near Surface Environments at the Nopal I Deposit, Peña Blanca, Mexico
Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Simmons A

(2005) Spent Nuclear Fuel: Research Needs
Ewing R

(2005) The Corrosion of UO<->2<$> Versus ThO<->2<$>: A Quantum Mechanical Investigation
Skomurski F, Shuller L, Becker U & Ewing R

(2004) Cr(VI) Reduction by Green Rust
Skovbjerg L, Stipp S, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R

(2002) Impact of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Environment
Ewing R

(2002) X-Ray Study of Actinide Host-Phases Formation
Yudintsev S, Stefanovsky S, Jang Y & Ewing R

(2002) REE Migration in Groundwaters Close to the Natural Fission Reactor of Bangombé (Gabon)
Stille P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Jensen K, Bracke G, Ewing R & Louvat D

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