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All abstracts by Michio Aoyama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Radiocaesium Derived from FNPP1 Accident in the North Pacific Ocean as Tracer of Transfer Processes in Layers of Surface, STMW, and CMW
Aoyama M, Hamajima Y, Inomata Y, Kumamoto Y, Oka E, Tsubono T & Tsumune D

(2016) Fukushima and the Ocean- Five Years Later
Buesseler K, Dai M, Aoyama M, Benitez-Nelson C, Charmasson S, Delfanti R, Higley K, Maderich V, Masque P, Morris P, Oughton D & Smith J

(2016) Five-Years, Regional-Scale Simulation of 137Cs Radioactivity in the Ocean Following the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Tsumune D, Tsubono T, Misumi K, Yoshimura T, Tateda Y & Aoyama M

(2016) Deep Penetration of Fukushima-Derived Radiocesium in the North Pacific Ocean Revealed by Hydrographic Surveys along Trans-Basin Sections
Kumamoto Y, Aoyama M, Hamajima Y & Murata A

(2014) Impacts of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Accident on the Marine Environment in the North Pacific Ocean
Kumamoto Y, Aoyama M, Murata A & Kawano T

(2013) Southward Transport of the Fukushima-Derived Radiocesium due to the Subtropical Mode Water
Kumamoto Y, Murata A, Kawano T & Aoyama M

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