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All abstracts by Liange Zheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Beyond Kd: Next Generation Performance Assessment Framework Through Machine Learning
Wainwright HM, Chang ES-H, Ermakova D, Lu H, Beverly L, Xu Z, Zavarin M & Zheng L

(2022) Interpretation of Geochemical Evolution of Bentonite at an in situ Test and Prediction of Long-Term Geochemical Change in Bentonite
Zheng L

(2021) Modeling of the Concrete-Bentonite Interface in Nuclear Waste Disposal Systems: From Pore-Scale to Continuum Scale
Deng H, Zheng L, Mu Y & Li P

(2020) Global Sensitivity Analysis for Radionuclides Transport in a Generic Clay Repository
Ermakova D, Wainwright H & Zheng L

(2020) Thermally-Induced Alterations of Bentonite Backfilled Repositories: THMC Modeling and Testing
Birkholzer J, Zheng L & Rutqvist J

(2020) Bentonite Alteration Revealed by a Lab Experiment and an in situ Test, and its Effect on the Migration of Uranyl in Bentonite Barrier Studied by Generic Numerical Models for High-Level Radioactive Waste Repositories
Zheng L, Borglin S, Chang C, Chou C, Wu Y & Birkholzer J

(2014) Reactive Transport Modeling of Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation during Carbon Sequestration
Zhang S, DePaolo D & Zheng L

(2014) Illitization within Bentonite Engineered Barrier System in Clay Repositories for Nuclear Waste and its Effect on the Swelling Stress: A Coupled THMC Modeling Study
Zheng L, Rutqvist J, Birkholzer J & Liu H-H

(2013) Numerical Interpretation of Laboratory and Field Data Showing CO2-induced Groundwater Changes
Zheng L, Tinnacher R, Varadharajan C, Spycher N, Bianchi M, Nico P, Birkholzer J, Trautz R & Pugh J

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