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All abstracts by Yue Zhao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Origin and Evolution of the Gacun Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposit in Sichuan,China: Hf and U-Pb Isotopic Evidence
Yang D, Hou Z, Zhao Y, Hou K & Tian S

(2019) Synchronous Deposition of Black Shales and their Correlation with Large Igneous Provinces during 'the Boring Billion'
Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J, Zhao Y & Hu G

(2019) The Evolution of Boron Isotopic Composition of Seawater during Mesoproterozoic to Early Neoproterozoic: Evidence from the Jixian Section, North China
Zhao Y, Hu B, Li Y, Fan C, Gao J, Zhang Y & Hou K

(2018) Lithium Isotopic Evidence for Subduction of the Indian Lower Crust beneath Southern Tibet
Tian S, Hou Z, Mo X, Tian Y, Zhao Y, Hou K, Yang Z, Hu W, Li X & Zhang Y

(2018) Temporal and Genetic Link between Large Igneous Provinces and Black Shales during “Earth’s Middle Age”
Zhang S-H, Ernst R, Pei J, Zhao Y, Zhou M-F & Hu G

(2018) The Character and Evolution of Boron Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Rock and Sea Water from the Jixian Section, North China during 1630 Ma~800 Ma
Zhao Y, Li Y, Hu B, Fan C, Gao J & Zhang Y

(2017) Attempt on the Reconstruction of Seasonal Hydroclimate Changes in Bohai Bay Using Stable Isotopes of Bivalve Shells
Hu B, Fan C, Gao J & Zhao Y

(2017) Source and Evolution Path of Ore- Forming Fluids in Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide (VMS) System: New Constraint from Lithium Isotopic Investigation on the Gacun Deposit, Sichuan
Yang D, Hou Z, Zhao Y, Hou K, Tian S & Fu Q

(2016) Attempts on Constraining the Oceanic and Atmospheric Changes during the Proterozoic: Insights from Boron Isotopes in Jixian Section, North China
Zhao Y, Li Y & Fan C

(2016) The δ30Si Peak Values Discovered in Cherts from Middle Proterozoic Carbonate Rocks in Northern China and its Implication on Environmental Variation of Ancient Ocean
Ding T, Gao J, Tian S, Zhao Y, Fan C & Wan D

(2014) Enriched Mantle Source and Petrogenesis of the Himalayan Collision Zone Carbonatites in Western Sichuan, SW China: Lithium Isotopic Constraints
Tian S, Hou Z, Mo X, Su A, Zhao Y, Hou K & Yang Z

(2013) Enriched Mantle Source and Petrogenesis of the Miocene Ultrapotassic Rocks in Western Lhasa Block, Tibetan Plateau: Lithium Isotopic Constraints
Tian S, Hu W, Hou Z, Mo X, Yang Z, Zhao Y, Hou K, Zhu D & Zhang Z

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