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All abstracts by Péter Völgyesi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Chemical Composition of Metal(Loid)S in Anthropogenic Spherical Magnetic Particles from Attic Dust Collected from Two Former Industrial Cities, Hungary
Salazar N, Völgyesi P, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Maghsoudlou M, Zacháry D & Szabó C

(2022) Radiological Assessment of Natural and Artificial Radionuclides in Attic Dust and Urban Soil Samples in a Former Heavy Industrial City (Salgótarján, Hungary)
Tserendorj D, Szabó KZ, Völgyesi P, Cong Nguyen T, Hatvani IG, Buczkó N, Abbaszade G, Salazar N & Szabó C

(2021) Assessment of Natural Radionuclide Levels in Attic Dust Around Coal-Fired Power Plant: A Case Study in City of Salgótarján, Hungary
Tserendorj D, Szabó KZ, Völgyesi P, Abbaszade G, Tan DL, Salazar N & Szabó C

(2021) Analyses of Heavy Metals in Attic Dust of a Former Industrial City (Ózd, Hungary)
Salazar N, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Völgyesi P, Zacháry D, Szabó KZ & Szabó C

(2021) A Study on the Accumulation of 55 Elements in Attic Dust at Two Former Industrial Cities – Ózd and Salgótarján, Hungary
Tan DL, Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Salazar N, Völgyesi P, Falus G & Szabó C

(2021) Boron and Cesium Leachability from Cementitious Waste Forms Containing B-10 Enriched Boric Acid
Rostamiparsa M, Nkotya E, Tolnai I, Fábián M, Falus G, Szabó C, Szabó-Krausz Z & Völgyesi P

(2019) Assessment of Urban Soil Heavy Metal Contamination and Bioremediation Potential
Abbaszade G, Tserendorj D, Do Le T, Salazar N, Tóth E, Zacháry D, Völgyesi P & Szabó C

(2013) Complex Urban Geochemical Analysis of Attic Dust Samples in an Industrial Area, Ajka, Hungary
Völgyesi P, Jordan G, Zacháry D & Szabó C

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