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All abstracts by Nicolas Trcera in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Evaluation of Selectivity of Sequential Extraction Procedure for REE Speciation in Laterite
Denys A, Janots E, Auzende AL, Findling N, Lanson M & Trcera N

(2017) Microorganisms are Major Drivers of the P Geochemical Cycle in Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Duprat E, Benzerara K, Lefèvre C, Monteil C, Jézéquel D, Menguy N, Viollier E, Guyot F, Férard C, Miot J, Poinsot M, Rivas-Lamelo S, Skouri-Panet F & Trcera N

(2017) Biogeochemistry of Zn and Cd in a Phytostabilized Mining Soil
Isaure M-P, Huguet S, Trcera N, Reguer S, Proux O & Cleyet-Marel J-C

(2017) Redox Transfer by Iron- and Sulfur-Bearing Serpentinite Dehydration in Subduction Zones
Merkulova M, Munoz M, Brunet F, Vidal O, Hattori K, Vantelon D, Trcera N & Huthwelker T

(2015) Bioalteration of Fe(III), Fe(II) and no Fe-Bearing Basaltic Glasses in the Presence of Heterotrophic Bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Impact of Siderophores
Perez A, Rossano S, Trcera N, Huguenot D, Verney-Carron A, Van Hullebusch E & Guyot F

(2015) Ce(III) and Ce(IV) Distribution and Fractionation during Lateritisation: Insights from XRF/ XAS
Janots E, Bernier F, Brunet F, Muñoz M, Trcera N, Berger A & Lanson M

(2013) REE Microdistribution in Laterite from Madagascar
Janots E, Brunet F, Berger A, Bernier F, Munoz M, Lanson M, Trcera N & Gnos E

(2013) Impact of Organic Acids and Siderophores on Dissolution of Basaltic Glasses in Ultrapure Water at 25℃ and pH 6.3
Perez A, Rossano S, Trcera N, Huguenot D, Van Hullebusch E, Verney-Caron A & Sarrasin L

(2013) The Browning Phenomenon of Medieval Stained Glass Windows
Ferrand J, Rossano S, Loisel C, Trcera N, Farges F, van Hullebusch E, Bousta F & Pallot-Frossard I

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