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All abstracts by Emma Engström in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Tracing Anthropogenic Sources of Tantalum in Bothnian Bay Sediments, Sweden
Sutliff-Johansson S, Ponter S, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Peltola P & Widerlund A

(2019) Uranium and Trace Metal Fate in Two Lakes Receiving Mine Waters
Pontér S, Widerlund A, Engström E & Rodushkin I

(2019) Forensic Investigation of Contaminated Groundwater Combining Multivariate Statistical Techniques and Screening Analyses
Sutliff-Johansson S, Ponter S, Widerlund A, Mäki A, Engström E & Peltola P

(2011) On the Way to Medical Diagnosis Based on the Isotopic Analyis of Metabolically Relevant Transition Metals
Van Heghe L, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Verstraete A, Van Vlierberghe H, Cloquet C & Vanhaecke F

(2010) Fe and Zn Isotopic Variations in Finnish Acid Sulfate Soils
Boman A, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Åström M & Öhlander B

(2009) Stream Water Geochemistry of Boron and Boron Isotopes in a Small Boreal Catchment Affected by a Major Forest Fire
Nordblad F, Rodushkin I, Engström E, Ecke F, Öhlander B & Ingri J

(2009) Fractionation of Iron Isotopes during Estuarine Mixing in Ob, Yenisey and Lena Freshwater Plumes
Ingri J, Gelting J, Nordblad F, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Andersson P, Porcelli D, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I & Öhlander B

(2009) Temporal Isotopic Variations of Dissolved Silicon in a Pristine Boreal River
Engström E, Rodushkin I, Ingri J, Baxter D, Ecke F, Österlund H & Öhlander B

(2007) Characterization of the Silicon Isotopic Composition of the Terrestrial Biogenic Output from a Boreal Forest in Northern Sweden
Engström E, Rodushkin I, Baxter D, Ingri J & Öhlander B

(2006) An inter-laboratory calibration of Si isotope reference materials
Reynolds BC, Aggarwal J, Brzezinski MA, Cardinal D, Engström E, Georg RB, Land M, Leng M, Opfergelt S & Vroon PZ

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