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All abstracts by Alessandro Tagliabue in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Role of Shallow Intraplate Hydrothermal Fluxes on the Marine Dissolved Iron Inventory and Global Primary Production: A Kama’ehuakanaloa (Lō’ihi) Seamount Case Study
Lanning N, Sieber M, Steffen J, Bian X, Yang S-C, Weiss G, German CR, Seewald JS, Jenkins WJ, Hatta M, Tagliabue A, John SG, Conway TM & Fitzsimmons JN

(2022) Investigating Phytoplankton Manganese Limitation in the Southern Ocean with a Global Biogeochemical Model
Hawco N, Tagliabue A & Twining B

(2022) Examining Seasonal Variability in Seawater Iron Isotopes from the Bermuda Atlantic Iron Time-Series (BAIT)
Toth ER, Sieber M, Sohst B, König D, Tagliabue A, Sedwick P, Boiteau RM & Conway TM

(2021) Iron (II) Oxidation Kinetics Variability in the Atlantic Ocean and Development of an Improved Theoretical Equation
González-Santana D, Gonzalez-Davila M, Lohan M, Artigue L, Planquette H, Sarthou G, Tagliabue A & Santana-Casiano JM

(2021) A Pronounced Eu Anomaly in Dissolved Seawater REE Patterns Close to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Selzer S, Hsieh Y-TA, Holdship P, Resing JA, Tagliabue A, Annett A, Homoky WB & Henderson GM

(2021) Mercury Concentrations in Pacific Ocean Tunas are Driven by Both Anthropogenic and Natural Factors
Médieu A, Point D, Itai T, Angot H, Buchanan P, Allain V, Griffiths S, Fuller L, Gillikin D, Sonke JE, Heimbuerger-Boavida L-E, Menkes CE, Madigan D, Tagliabue A, Bopp L, Verheyden A & Lorrain A

(2021) Evaluating the Impact of Heterotrophic Bacteria on Ocean Iron Cycling
Pham AL-D, Aumont O, Ratnarajah L & Tagliabue A

(2020) Metals, Models, and Isotopes: Insights into the Biogeochemical Cycling of Trace Nutrients in the Ocean
John S, Conway T, Weber T, DeVries T, Tagliabue A, Liang H & Pasquier B

(2019) Impact of Hydrothermal Venting on Iron and Chromium Supply to the North Atlantic Ocean
Wang W, James R, Lough A, Goring-Harford H, Lohan M, Connelly D & Tagliabue A

(2018) DFe(II) Variability Across Hydrothermal Vents in the Mid Atlantic Ridge
González-Santana D, Artigue L, Lough AJM, Tagliabue A, Planquette H, Sarthou G & Lohan MC

(2018) Iron Fuels Vast Phytoplankton Bloom along 40°South in the Atlantic Ocean
Schlosser C, Henderson G, Tagliabue A, Klar JK, Woodward EMS & Achterberg EP

(2017) A Potential Source of Fe Binding Organic Ligands to the Surface Ocean from Wet Deposition
Cheize M, Baudoux A-C, Bucciarelli E, Tagliabue A, Desboeufs K, Baker AR & Sarthou G

(2017) Organic Complexation of Copper along the GEOTRACES GA01 Section
Gourain A, Salaun P, Tagliabue A, Vanden Berg C, Boutorh J, Cheize M, Contreira-Pereira L, Lherminier P, Menzel J-L, Sarthou G & Shelley R

(2015) Manganese in an Ocean General Circulation Model
van Hulten M, Dutay J-C, Roy-Barman M, Tagliabue A, Sterl A, Middag R & de Baar H

(2013) Aluminium in an Ocean General Circulation Model and Observations
van Hulten M, de Baar H, Middag R, Sterl A, Dutay J-C, Gehlen M & Tagliabue A

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