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All abstracts by Joël Savarino in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Investigation of Unique Oxidizing Capacity of the Antarctic Atmosphere Based on O-Mif Signatures in Atmospheric Sulfate and Nitrate
Ishino S, Hattori S, Savarino J, Jourdain B, Preunkert S, Legrand M & Yoshida N

(2016) MIF from an Ecological Point of View: Insights on the Synergy between Nitrogen Deposition and Past Land-Use in Mountainous Basins
Bourgeois I, Clement J-C & Savarino J

(2016) A Modern View of the Sulfur Isotopes Mass-Independent Fractionations: The Lesson from the Ice Cores
Savarino J, Gautier E, Farquhar J, Erbland J, Lanciki A & Hoek J

(2016) Seasonal Variations of Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Atmospheric Nitrate and Sulfate at Noto Peninsula, Japan
Hattori S, Kamezaki K, Ishino S, Nyu T, Savarino J, Sadanaga Y, Matsuki A & Yoshida N

(2016) A New Fluorination Line for Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analysis
Geng L, Savarino J, Hattori S, Ishino S & Yoshida N

(2015) Ins and Outs of Atmospheric Nitrate in the French Alps: A Triple Oxygen Isotope Method Implementation
Bourgeois I, Savarino J & Clement J-C

(2014) A Reconstruction of Terrestrial Volcanism over the Last 2500 Years Using Sulfur Isotopes in Ice-Cores
Gautier E, Savarino J, Farquhar J & Erbland J

(2013) Laboratory Study of Nitrate Photolysis in Antarctic Snow: Quantum Yield, Mechanism, Isotope Effects and Wavelength Dependence
Meusinger C, Berhanu TA, Erbland J, Savarino J & Johnson MS

(2013) Nitrate and its N and O Isotopes in a Tropical Marine Boundary Layer
Savarino J, Morin S, Erbland J, Patey MD, Vicars W, Alexander B & Achterberg EP

(2012) Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Sulfate Aerosols
Cole-Dai J, Savarino J, Lanciki A & Thiemens M

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