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All abstracts by Eszter Sendula in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Reconstructing the Secular Evolution of Boron Isotope Composition of Seawater from Evaporites
Jurikova H, Rae JWB, Gázquez F, Sendula E, Bodnar R, Weldeghebriel M & Lowenstein T

(2020) Direct Analysis of Early Solar System Aqueous Fluids
Zolensky M, Bodnar R, Dolocan A, Lamadrid H, Kebukawa Y, Sendula E & Chan Q

(2018) Reaction Rates of Olivine Carbonation Obtained from Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Studies
Sendula E, Lamadrid HM, Rimstidt JD & Bodnar RJ

(2017) Metasomatic Wehrlite Formation beneath the Nógrád-Gömör Volcanic Field (Carpathian-Pannonian Region) – A Silicate Melt Inclusion Study in Upper Mantle Xenoliths
Patkó L, Aradi L, Berkesi M, Bodnar R, Sendula E, Liptai N, Klébesz R & Szabó C

(2017) Micro-Reactors: A Novel in situ Tool to Monitor Chemical Reactions
Lamadrid H, Zayacz Z, Sendula E, Rimstidt D & Bodnar R

(2015) Results of Caprock and Reservoir Studies in the Mihályi-Répcelak Area, Western Hungary
Király C, Szamosfalvi Á, Sendula E, Kovács I, Kónya P, Szabó C & Falus G

(2015) Experimental Study of the CO2 Saturated Water – Clay System at 70-180 Bars and 80-100℃
Sendula E, Páles M, Kovács I, Udvardi B, Kónya P, Besnyi A, Freiler Á, Péter Szabó B, Király C, Székely E, Szabó C & Falus G

(2013) Inverse Modeling in a CO2 Natural Analogue – Long Term Processes in Carbon Dioxide Storage
Király C, Sendula E, Szamosfalvy Á, Falus G, Szabó C & Forray V

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