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All abstracts by Karen Appel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Carbon in the Deep Earth: The Fate of Magnesite in the Lower Mantle
Libon L, Spiekermann G, Sieber MJ, Kaa J, Dominijanni S, Albers C, Morgenroth W, Biedermann N, Appel K, McCammon C, Roddatis V, Husband R, Glazyrin K, Hennet L & Wilke M

(2017) Trace-Element Fractionation Processes between Carbonates and Silicates at Mantle Conditions
Biedermann N, Appel K, Spiekermann G, Morgenroth W, Pakhomova A, Wirth R & Wilke M

(2011) Zircon Solubility in Na-Si-Al-O-H Fluids by in situ SR-Xrf Analysis
Wilke M, Schmidt C, Dubrail J, Appel K & Borchert M

(2011) In situ Insights to Partitioning of Highly Siderophile Elements between Silicate and Iron Rich Liquids at Extreme Conditions
Petitgirard S, Borchert M, Andrault D, Appel K & Liermann H-P

(2011) X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints on Complexing of High-Field-Strength Elements in Subduction Zone Aqueous Fluids
Dubrail J, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Appel K, Pascarelli S, Kvashnina K & Manning C

(2010) Tracing Element Enrichment Processes Using Fluid and Melt Inclusions and ╬╝-Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Appel K

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