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All abstracts by Torben Struve in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Circulation Changes in the Abyssal South Pacific during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition
Struve T, Zander M, Illemann S, Brand G, Lembke-Jene L, Lamy F & Pahnke K

(2022) Behaviour of Dissolved Neodymium Concentrations and Isotopes in the Deep South Pacific Ocean
Waltemathe H, Struve T, Ferdelman T & Pahnke K

(2017) Sources of Glacial South Pacific Dust
Struve T, Wengler M, Lamy F, Winckler G & Pahnke K

(2017) Deglacial Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage on Millennial to Centennial Timescales
Wilson D, Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Chen T, Burke A & Robinson L

(2017) The Response of the Subantarctic Pacific to Climate Change: Reconstructing Dust Flux and Biological Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
Winckler G, Anderson RF, Park J, Schwarz R, Lamp J, Shoenfelt E, Pahnke K, Struve T, Kuhn G, Wengler M & Lamy F

(2016) Exploring the Controls on Authigenic Nd and Pb Isotope Tracers in the Indian and Southern Oceans
Wilson D, van de Flierdt T, Struve T, Piotrowski A, Galy A & Adkins J

(2013) Water Mass Mixing in the Drake Passage during the Last 40 kyrs
Struve T, van de Flierdt T, Robinson LF, Burke A, Crocket KC, Lambelet M & Auro M

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