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All abstracts by Ben S. Ellis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) A Super-Volcanic Magma Reservoir at High Temporal Resolution
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw J-F & Bachmann O

(2016) Biotite Trace Element Fingerprints (V-Co-nb) Identify Magma Batches and Correlate Volcano Sequences at Las Cañadas Volcano, Tenerife
Sliwinski J, Ellis B, Dávila-Harris P, Wolff J, Olin P & Bachmann O

(2016) Tracing Hydrothermal Alteration Through Yellowstone Drillcores: Implications for Magmatic Models
Troch J, Ellis BS, Harris C & Bachmann O

(2016) Constraining Magma Residence Timescales by Coupling ID–TIMS U–Pb Dating of Zircon and Titanite
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw JF, Bachmann O & von Quadt A

(2015) Mineral-Scale Magma Generation: Insights from Rhyolite Lavas Prior to Last Yellowstone Supereruption
Troch J, Ellis B, Mark D, Bindeman I, Kent A & Bachmann O

(2015) Li in Rhyolites: What’s up with that?
Ellis B, Bachmann O, Magna T & Szymanowski D

(2015) Erupted Cumulate Fragments in Rhyolites from Lipari (Aeolian Islands)
Forni F, Ellis BS, Bachmann O, Lucchi F & Tranne CA

(2015) Cumulate Melting as the Origin for Chemical Gradients in Crystal-Poor Bodies of Silicic Magma
Wolff J, Ellis B, Ramos F, Starkel W, Boroughs S, Olin P & Bachmann O

(2014) Textural and Geochemical Evidence for Remobilized Cumulates on Tenerife, Canary Islands
Sliwinski J, Bachmann O & Ellis B

(2011) Magma Physical Properties Affect Isotope Variations in Volcanic Rocks: The Example of High-T Rhyolites
Wolff J, Ellis B & Ramos F

(2011) Widespread Synchronous Volcanism on the Snake River Plain
Ellis B, Wolff J, Mark D & Bindeman I

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Experimental Glasses by SIMS: A Calibration Attempt
Pedroza K, Jolis E, Troll V, Freda C, Harris C, Deegan FM, Whitehouse M, Bindeman I, Annersten H & Ellis B

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