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All abstracts by John Spear in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Biogenic Stromatolites as Lacustrine Oxygen Oases ~2.7 Ga: Synthesizing Textural and Geochemical Data
Wilmeth DT, Lalonde SV, Berelson WM, Petryshyn VA, Celestian AJ, Beukes N, Awramik S, Spear J, Mahseredjian T & Corsetti FA

(2022) Examining Fe-Cycling in Microbial Mats as a Lithification Mechanism and Possible Stromatolite Biosignature
Petryshyn VA, Berelson WM, Spear J, Cassady VC, Stevenson BS, Rasmussen K, Yang S-C, John SG & Corsetti FA

(2022) Microbiome Structure Influenced by Metal-Oxide Precipitation in Hyporheic Zones Receiving Acid Mine Drainage
Hoagland B, Navarre-Sitchler A, Singha K, Rasmussen K & Spear J

(2020) Inorganic Carbon Limitation and Diversification of Hydrogenotrophic Methanogens in the Samail Ophiolite, Oman
Fones E, Colman D, Kraus E, Templeton A, Spear J & Boyd E

(2019) Characterization of Intact Polar Lipid Biomarkers from a Site of Active, Low-Temperature Serpentinization
Rempfert K, Kraus E, Nothaft D, Spear J, Sepulveda J & Templeton A

(2018) Builders, Tenants and Squatters: Organic Matter Preservation and its Relationship to Stromatolite Formation
Petryshyn V, Bailey J, Stamps B, Spear J, Stevenson B & Corsetti F

(2015) Sulfur Oxidation and Biomineralization Processes in Sulfidic Ice Ecosystems
Templeton A, Lau G, Cosmidis J, Trivedi C, Spear J & Grasby S

(2014) Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures from a Hypersaline Desert Playa: A First Look
Lynch K, Almaraz N, Rey K, Ritter S, Spear J & Munakata Marr J

(2013) Elemental Sulfur Biomineralization and Preservation in Glacial Sulfide Springs
Templeton A, Lau G, Wright K, Williamson C, Grasby S & Spear J

(2013) Diverse Capacity for 2-Methylhopanoid Production Correlates with Specific Niches
Ricci J, Coleman M, Welander P, Sessions A, Summons R, Spear J & Newman D

(2012) Yellowstone Hot Spring Microbial Communites Fed with Hydrogen and Bicarbonate as a Metabolically Active Analogue for Early Earth Environments
Eydal H, Evreas L & Spear J

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