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All abstracts by N.a.j.m. Sommerdijk in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) An in situ View of CaCO3 Nucleation
De Yoreo J, Nielsen M, Smeets P, Sommerdijk N & Sand K

(2015) The Initial Steps in the Precipitation of Calcium Phosphate Minerals
Innocenti Malini R, Harding J, Freeman C, Hall S, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Sommerdijk N & Gale J

(2014) Characterizing Particle Mediated Crystal Formation
Banfield JF, DeYoreo JJ, Dove PM, Gilbert P, Joester D, Michel FM, Murray CB, Navrotsky A, Penn RL, Rimer JD, Sommerdijk NAJM, Wallace AF, Whitelam S & Zhang H

(2014) The Control of Organic Matrices on Nucleation and Growth of CaCO3
De Yoreo J, Nielsen M, Smeets P, Hamm L, Dove P & Sommerdijk N

(2014) Magnetite Formation in Solution and Magnetotactic Bacteria
Baumgartner J, Dey A, Bomans P, Le Coadou C, Sommerdijk N, Fratzl P, Morin G, Menguy N, Perez Gonzalez T, Widdrat M, Cosmidis J & Faivre D

(2013) The Discovery and Role of Non-Stoichometric Complexes of Calcium Carbonate in the Solution Precipitation of Vaterite
Smeets P, Habraken W, Bertinetti L, Nudelman F & Sommerdijk N

(2013) Controlled Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Composites: A Close Simulation of Biomineralization Process
Li XQ & Sommerdijk N

(2013) Unraveling the CaCO3/PSS Mesocrystal Formation Mechanism by in situ TEM and in situ AFM
Smeets P, Cho KR, Li D, Nielsen M, Sommerdijk N & De Yoreo J

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