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All abstracts by Stéphanie Rossano in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Alteration of Stained Glass Windows: Influence of the Mn-Oxidising Bacteria Pseudomonas putida on the Dissolution of 5 Model Glasses
Boutillez C, Perez A, Verney-Carron A & Rossano S

(2021) Study of Structure and Durability of CaTiO3 Doped with Rare Earth Elements
Jonfal J, Fourdrin C, Bedidi A, Tarrida M & Rossano S

(2017) Incorporation of Rare Earth Elements in Perovskites: The Case of Neodymium Incorporation in CaSnO3
Goethals J, Fourdrin C, Tarrida M, Hatert F, Bedidi A & Rossano S

(2015) Bioalteration of Fe(III), Fe(II) and no Fe-Bearing Basaltic Glasses in the Presence of Heterotrophic Bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Impact of Siderophores
Perez A, Rossano S, Trcera N, Huguenot D, Verney-Carron A, Van Hullebusch E & Guyot F

(2013) Impact of Organic Acids and Siderophores on Dissolution of Basaltic Glasses in Ultrapure Water at 25℃ and pH 6.3
Perez A, Rossano S, Trcera N, Huguenot D, Van Hullebusch E, Verney-Caron A & Sarrasin L

(2013) The Browning Phenomenon of Medieval Stained Glass Windows
Ferrand J, Rossano S, Loisel C, Trcera N, Farges F, van Hullebusch E, Bousta F & Pallot-Frossard I

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